Eagles picking Barnett was among biggest surprises from first round of 2017 NFL Draft


The first round of this years Draft has come and gone, and as expected, it did not disappoint. The City of Brotherly Love was in shine as Philadelphia Eagles fans swarmed this years site, and made their presence known from the jump. Going into it all, the consensus top pick, Myles Garrett, was expected to land in Cleveland, something easier said than done. We almost expected the Browns, to do what the Browns do, and either trade out of the pick, or select another player.

When it was all said and done, the Browns got their man and the Draft was officially underway. With the most important pick of the Draft (Philadelphia Eagles) still 13 choices away, I expected a little drama, but this year was smothered in it. We decided to recount the biggest surprises of the night, just incase you missed the action..this is where you want to be.


Right off the bat:
Literally moments after the first pick, things got crazy. Considered the highest rated quarterback by many, Mitchell Trubisky was expected to go in the top 10 (maybe). It didn’t take long for the North Carolina gun slinger, to hear his name called. With the 2nd pick, the Chicago Bears, got the arm of their future. Some immediately called it a reach, but perhaps the most surprising aspect about the pick, was the Bears had just given a large deal to Mike Glennon (to be the future under center), in free-agency. Obviously, only time will tell, if this was a reach, or not , but one thing is for sure, it was a glaring sign, of things to come.


Big Names, Big falls:
There was, like always, a list of top ten players that most media outlets tend to agree on. As top projected prospects fell down the board, there was a strange feeling of curiosity as to why teams were electing to pass on them. Most notably, CB Marshon Lattimore, S Malik Hooker, DT Jonathan Allen, and LB Rueben Foster, sat patiently as the names of others were called. Lattimore’s wait wasn’t too long (11), but he was expected to go in the top 5, so when he got to 11, it was a shock. This story has a happy ending, but you have to really wonder, how players of this caliber, fell outside the top 10 due to the run of quarterbacks and receivers that broke the “rules” of nearly every mock draft that has been compiled within the last month?


Cleveland Browns hitting 3 home runs?
It is almost expected that the Browns, harm themselves more than they help themselves when it comes to the draft. Many have wondered how a team can have so many top choices and still be so bad. So, when they stepped up to the plate last night, we assumed they would strike out. The At-Bat was anything but however, as they walked away from the first round with DE Myles Garrett, LB/S Jabril Peppers, and TE David Njoku. Three prospects, all highly touted as difference makers. So, let me be the first to apologize to the Browns organization, I expected bad drafting and was witnessed to genius.


Another QB Reach?
So, two things before I get into it.
1) It is way to early if a pick will pan out or fall flat on his face.
2) I love Coach (Andy) Reid.

I say all that, to say this, when the Kansas City Chiefs traded up 17 spots to draft QB Patrick Mahomes, I firmly believe that was a reach. I am usually a fan of what big red does, but this one had me shocked. I understand there was a run on the position, but did they need to trade up that high, for this prospect? Who knows? I am sure they have a plan there, and it will all work out. I think?


Eagles land ..Barnett?
This one wasn’t a surprise because of the selection, it was a surprise that DE Derek Barnett was still there at 14. I get it, there will be people saying the Birds’ should have picked this guy, or that guy, but the truth was, he was the best player there. Let’s for a minute not get caught up, in what the media says.

Throughout this process, heading up into the Draft, Barnett, was seen as 1-B (Garrett 1-A) pass rusher, and many scouts had him as a top 7 prospect. Honestly, when the selection was made, I had almost forgot he was there as I assumed he would be long gone by then. Needless to say, the Eagles now have another pass rusher to add to that monster front line, but he might be better than most expect. He passed the eye test for me a year ago, but after talking to a few scouts, I was sold..with one source saying

When it is all said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barnett, is the best defensive player in this years draft….he played for a team that struggled, didn’t get as much hype, but if he had we would all be talking about him, as a top 3 player.”

Only time will tell with all of these players, but as of now, these moments were down right shocking and made the first round one of the most memorable in years.

Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports