Christian McCaffrey to the Eagles seems like a realistic possibility, but at what pick?


The theme for today is that nobody has any idea what’s going on when it comes to the fate of the 14th overall pick. However, there has been an increasing amount of noise surrounding the possibility of Stanford running back, Christian McCaffrey, having his name called when the Eagles are on the clock. The problem is..when exactly will that be?

As is the case with Draft day every year, there are plenty of teams who are keeping their ears to the ground, waiting to see if there is a possibility that a trade could actually become their best case scenario. What started with a lot of hype around McCaffrey at 14..has now become an Eagles love affair that would require some running from Philly themselves.

The buzz coming into today was that Carolina seemed just as likely to pluck McCaffrey out of the Eagles reach when they’re on the clock with the eighth overall pick in the draft. That buzz then transcended one pick higher, as the L.A Chargers appeared to throw their hat into the mix.

The last 12 hours have been a whirlwind when it comes to the future of Christian McCaffrey, the versatile running back who simply shattered expectations during his time with the Cardinal, combining for 3,864 all-purpose yards alone in 2016..setting an NCAA record with 2,019 yards of rushing. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed..the Eagles are still very high on him. The question is, would they be willing to trade up to ensure they draft the perfect compliment to Pederson’s offense?


Well, it might not be as unlikely as you think. If the Eagles are inclined to trade up for McCaffrey, there will be numerous teams inside the top ten who could be looking to move back a few spots.

Buffalo would send the Eagles just inside the top 10..and it wouldn’t be the first time that they have made a stepping-stone trade. They did something very similar last year in the weeks leading up to the Draft, edging their way to a position where drafting the future of their franchise was certain.

That’s not to say that the Eagles WILL trade up..but if it’s McCaffrey that the Eagles want, regardless of all the pros and cons that would be associated the might be their only option. If Jeffery Lurie is the man behind the scenes trying to make that happen, then we could be in for an extremely exciting evening.

Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports