Eagles Draft: Small School Sleeper Profile: Ronald Butler


Kordell Stewart, Antwaan Randle El, Ronald Butler. What do these players have in common? They’re not just football players, they are great athletes. In the Football world, the term athlete, isn’t just used to describe an exceptional player. Sometimes, it is used when a prospect is so exceptional, that a team pencils him in for two or more spots on the field, filling need, and getting the most out of the player in question.

In the beginning, when the NFL, was created, players playing multiple positions on both sides of the ball was a common practice. Players would go on a 15 play drive carrying and catching the ball, then turn around on defense and make plays that way. Enter QB, WR, RB, CB, S, PR ,KR, Ronald Butler. The 6’3, 200 lbs, Tennessee State Athlete, is the guy the coach calls on when he needs a play.

Raised in Tallahassee, FL, Butler knew at a young age that football was in his future, so when his coaches asked him to play all over the field, he did it with a smile.

Growing up , I knew I wanted to play football. I knew I would do what it took to get to this level. To be in this position to make it to the NFL, I have always dreamed of this. So when I was at school, I told myself whatever I am asked to do, do it. If the coach wants me under center, or out wide catching passes, or how some scouts see me as a CB, I prepare myself for it.

Special teams, kick return, Punt return, I will do it all. I don’t care, however I can help my team. I will do it, I will do what it takes. When I was asked to switch spots, I did it with a smile and a yes sir..and when our QB went down and they needed me back in there, I was like of course. I will always approach football like that, I think it is the best way to do things.”

On the field, Butler truly was a jack of all trades. Brought in to school  to be the incumbent starter at QB, Butler has the pure touch and strong arm to be a successful QB in the league. With the legs to get him out of trouble in blitz situations, he has the pure speed to out run defenders, yet keep his eyes down field to make a play. Along with his arm strength and throwing ability, he has the raw talent of a wideout, able to play both inside and out. Butler runs clean routes and has the capability to separate from defenders.

Outside of his on field talents, Butler, is a true presence in the locker room, and off the field.

In the Locker room, I feel like I will always be the leader, I know you have to know how to follow and take coaching and not just from your coaches but from players who have been there. I take coaching very well, I know it is a strength, but I am also the guy my team can come too.

On the field I am expected to make a play, so I do it. Off the field they expect me to be a shoulder or an ear to my teammates, and I do it. I love knowing my guys can trust me and I can trust them. It makes for a good team and a great locker room. That, then turns into success.

I was raised that way, to be a leader. To be kind and listen. I come from a strong family, people who love hard..so I love hard. I trust God, and I trust the ability that I was given and blessed with. Knowing it all starts in the locker, or off the field, it starts there and it trickles over to the game and I know that is when we are shining.”

In 39 career games, Butler threw for 4,770 yards, on 385 completions, 43 TD passes, Ran for 807 yards on 236 carries, and 7 touchdowns. He also added 1 catch for 44 yards, and a touchdown.

The Eagles, could always use a player with so many talents. No matter what side of the ball you put him on he will be a difference maker. Rather it be WR, RB, CB, or even a back up QB, for Carson Wentz, Butler would serve as quite a talent, if the birds’ land him. In addition to his skill set, he would be an amazing teammate to add to a young core of players, which would serve well for the future of the city.

Whatever team gets me, they are getting a hard worker, a guy who will be a fixture in the community and a guy who will be a play maker from anywhere on the field.”

No matter where Butler lands, or what spot on the field he plays, there is one thing for sure, he will thrive.


Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports