Eagles Draft: Small School Sleeper Profile: WR Aris Scott



Size? 6’2, 215 LB’s.

Speed? 4.59 40-yard dash.

Skill set? Plays both the inside and outside receiver position. Adds value as a special teams ace.

When studying a prospect these are the things you look for in a wideout. Great size, good speed, and versatility. Delaware State University’s Aris Scott checks all the boxes, with his unique combination of talent and the ability to learn the game of football. When you watch the film on Scott, what really stands out is his raw physical ability. It didn’t seem to matter whom he was matched up against, a corner, safety, or linebacker, Scott always seemed to have the upper hand.

Blessed, with the “testicular fortitude” to go over the middle and play in traffic, he also has the type of strong hands that assures he plucks the ball out of the air. It is easy to fall in love with a player like Scott. His capability to play in the slot and dominate over the middle is only rivaled by his pure bullying of an outside corner.

We sat down with Aris to talk about his play style, his time at Delaware State, and what his fit could be on an NFL roster.

“First of all, all glory to God! In terms of my playing style, I love going over the middle! I really do, I am not the type of receiver to shy away from contact, I am in fact, looking to give it out. I get tired of all the talk, all the rumors about receivers being divas, or guys who can run but wont hit somebody. I am the type to run through it. I have great size and I know my talent level, my skill set.., so when it is time to hit I have no problem delivering.

As far as my fit in the NFL, I am a hard worker first and foremost, I am the guy who will be in first and leave last. The things I do well, I want it to be great, I am always working on my craft. I could play any receiver spot inside or outside, I don’t care where they want me, I will do it, and do it well. I also play all special teams, which in my opinion the most important part of a football player. You have to be able to do it all, to play multiple spots.. and I am the man for the job.”

Continuing on, he spoke about playing for what some called a “Small School”.

“Yeah I get it, I do…people look at the level of play and think we don’t play anybody tough. That could not be furthest from the truth. Football is football when you get down to it. It is all “X’s and O’s” when you break it down, you have to have the right state of mind, and that is what I have. You have to have the talent and skill set and I have it. I don’t care what people think or say, but I do get it…it doesn’t matter to me, I am going to go out and ball.

Look I am not him, no one ever will be, so don’t get me wrong and think I am saying that I am him, but two words…Jerry Rice! Remember him? The greatest football player ever? And he comes from a “Small School”. That is proof there are tons of guys from small schools that can ball! There isn’t a doubt in my mind that I can play with the “Big Boys” and I can not wait to show it.”

In 41 games, Scott had 115 receptions for 1,521 yards and 6 touchdowns. Not spectacular by any stretch, but when you look at them and realize he played for a run first school, mixed with his skill set, it is easy to imagine the type of damage he could do in an offense like The Eagles.

Philadelphia made a couple of smart moves to help build around QB Carson Wentz, but the addition of Scott could help with the development of their young franchise. With the perfect combination of size, speed, and his playmaking ability, Aris, could be a major steal for the Birds.