Eagles Draft: Small School Sleeper Profile: RB Darius Victor


There are many words one could use to describe Towson University RB, Darius Victor. In the football world, he is called a play maker amongst his team. He is called dependable.. or a star. Around around his family, he is called spiritual. Spend five minutes talking to the young RB and you would find yourself agreeing with all of them, watch a few minutes of game tape, and you find yourself thinking superstar. No matter what word you use to describe Victor, one thing is for sure, he is the real deal.

Born on the Ivory Coast, of Africa, in a refugee camp, Victor was literally brought into this world in the middle of a war. One of seven children (Five boys, two girls), he moved to Maryland, at the age of 6, to a deeply religious and convicted family. Born in tragedy, Victor, always found a way to smile, and never lost sight of his faith, and his love for his family.

We sat down with the small school giant, and asked him about his life? overcoming tragedy and who he was off the field?

“At a young age, I understood life is hard, it can eat you up and spit you out if you let it. With my parents always working, my older siblings were like the parents, so we are very close, always were always will be. Moving to a city, from Africa, the Ivory Coast, it was a tough situation, not knowing anyone, having to make it in a new country, it was hard mentally and emotionally, but my family are all strong individuals.

Outside of football, I am a good person, I mean, I am always a good person, but I spend my days trying to better myself and the community around me. I put God first in everything and it has been a blessing to be in this situation after all the things me and my family faced, so outside of it,  football that is. I am the guy that looks to be a good man. Be good to the world, treat people like I want to be treated.”

At Towson University, He rushed for 3,309 yards and 41 touchdowns on 637 carries over the span of 41 games, and is 3rd all time in rushing yards for the University. Considered a difference maker by his team and NFL scouts alike, the story behind his success isn’t like the normal prospects, his comes from tragedy, a tragedy that some people, could not overcome.

Honestly, everything I do, I do for my family, for the memory of my oldest brother“.

Kevin Victor was shot and killed in Darius’ senior year in high school, right as he was becoming a man of sorts himself.

“My brother was killed, and it was hard man, it was hard on the family, another act of senseless violence. My big brother was like a Father to me, like a parent really, with my mom and dad always having to work to take care of us financially. Kevin was everything to me and still is. When he died, I fell apart for a little while, but I could hear him in the back of my mind. Telling me to get up, stop sulking, be a man and do my job. I know he would have told me to get to practice, go play this game and kill it, so that’s what I did.

Week in and week out, I busted my butt for God, and in his memory. I owe that to him, for everything he did for me. He was like a coach to me, he would be the one getting on me to do things better. To work harder, there was never a time he would lay off of me, and it really made me the man I am today, when I take that field I look up to him, I whisper to him, and I can hear him.”

Blessed with both the strength to punish defenses between the tackles, and the speed to make it count on long runs he is a thick bodied back, 217 lbs, at only 5’9, but is built like a Greek statue. He has been compared to Maurice Jones-Drew, formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars, by most scouts, but when you watch the game tape it is another big time back that comes to mind. Priest Holmes, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, when watching the tape, it almost like looking at the same guy, just in a different uniform.

“If I can be half the player Priest was I will be happy, honestly I am just happy to be in this situation, to be alive, and serving our Lord. I really do feel thankful for being recognized, and being able to be in a spot where my success can help others. On the field, I want my style of play to be felt, I will do whatever it takes, special teams, catch passes, run, block, whatever it takes. I just want the chance, I am working my butt off to get.”

The Eagles, are in need of RB help, so looking at Victor’s skill set, it is easy to see where he fits. A dangerous prospect in all aspects of the game, he has the look of a three down back, and the skill set of a pro-bowler one day. Needless to say, he would be an immediate upgrade, and would make things a lot easier for QB Carson Wentz.

Darius has overcome many a tragedy to be where he is now and has never used it as an excuse. What he and his family has faced, would fold up a normal weaker individual. Luckily, Victor is made of pride, power, and faith. This flower that continued to grow amongst concrete can be described as many things, a playmaker, a man of God, a leader, and  a survivor. No matter what you use to describe this difference maker ,there is one thing for sure, he will always be his brothers keeper.

                                                                                                   FOR  KEVIN.


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports