Eagles Draft: Small School Sleeper profile: WR Jalen Williams


When you think UMASS (University of Massachusetts) football, the names Victor Cruz and Tajae Sharpe come to mind. This week we decided to discuss a player who could be the next big WR to come from this storied university.

Sometimes when scouting a prospect, all it takes is one look at him. Maybe watching a few plays of his and if  he physically outshines the other players on the field. Sometimes, you have to look past the stats and just really watch the movement of a prospect. Really pay attention to his breaks, his quickness in and out of routes, and the smoothness of play on the field.

With all that said, we introduce Wide Receiver Jalen Williams. The 6’3, 208 lbs,monster is a legitimate talent on the field and could be the playmaker that the Eagles, have been searching for.

Over his short tenure at UMASS, he caught 10 touchdowns and served as a safety blanket for his quarterback. He wont blow you away with stats, but I can show you many a player who did and didn’t pan out in the NFL. He will though, catch your eye with his solid frame,as he looks like he is made of granit. How sure pair of hands are just a bonus.

Sitting down with Jalen, we asked him about the strengta and weaknesses in his game and where he sees his fit in the NFL.

I want to get better at everything. I am not one of these guys who will rest on his morals. I don’t want to ever be comfortable, so I say everything, even the things I do “Great”, I want to continue to develop. It’s not that I think I am a bad player, or I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s just I want to be the best, I want to be the best version of me.

Strength?….I think I have great hands, I am confident in my hands, I am confident I will come down with it, if I can touch it. I believe that my hands will set me apart from other prospects, I spend a lot of time working on them, keeping them strong and fresh.”

He went on to tell me ,where he feels he fits in the NFL.

I can play outside and inside, I will play anywhere they need me to honestly. I know that sounds cliché , but I really will, I will play all special teams, I love special teams. If you want to be a college player, you need to do special teams, so I loved it.

I really love to go over the middle, I have no problem playing in traffic. I am a bigger guy and I work on my strength a lot in order to be prepared to take a hit and to really deliver one. I want to go over the middle and make the play, catch the ball on third and long, I want to be the guy that my coach, my quarterback, my whole team can count on, to make the play we need to continue a drive….but Please don’t get it twisted, I can go deep, I am fast enough too separate in my route. If I don’t know the position, or the play, I will learn it quickly.”

Another thing that stood out while speaking with Jalen, was his humble approach. I asked his agent Andrew Scalingi, of Granite Sports.co, what stood out to him when it came to Williams.

“When it comes to Jalen, the thing I admire the most is his humble, no-nonsense approach to the game; you don’t see that very often at his position and I respect that. That he’s supremely athletic…see his 40.5′ vertical at Pro Day…doesn’t hurt either.”

Athleticism is the perfect word! Jalen stuck out every time he stepped on the field. It is easy to see how he would fit in the Eagles offense. With his strong hands, great route running, smooth speed, and humble approach, he could be the young prospect the Birds’ need to grow with Carson Wentz.

I will play for any team that wants me, all I need is a real chance. People get caught up with stats and I understand why, but when I get the shot, I will not let my coach down. I approach everything humbled and I keep calm at every moment. There is no need to be over excited, I believe I can be a difference maker for the Eagles, or any team that gives me my opportunity.”


Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports