Only $9.5M of Alshon Jeffery’s $14M contract with Eagles is guaranteed


Perhaps the only criticism to come away from the signing of Alshon Jeffery, has been the price of the contract. At $14M, the Eagles cap space has been nullified so to speak and they find themselves in desperate aid of some cap relief. However, the deal isn’t actually as bad as it sounds.

So as it turns out, Jeffery is actually set to make $9.5M in guaranteed money. $1.1M of that comes as a base salary, while $7.75M will be paid as a signing bonus, alongside the $750K workout bonus. The rest of that contract appears to be incentive based. This move could be an absolute steal for the Eagles, because not only have they been able to acquire free agency’s top wideout for a shockingly low base cost, but the incentives play such a large part in the contract that it’s almost difficult to anticipate Jeffery won’t at least hit some of those milestones..meaning success for the Eagles.

Given that Terrelle Pryor was signed for $8M and the Browns signed Kenny Britt to a four-year deal worth $32M, it would be fair to say that the Eagles haven’t just struck gold in signing the wideout with back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons, but they found an entire mine.


Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports