Previewing the Union’s starting 11 for 2017 season opener: Right Wing


Last season, the Union’s Ilsinho showed that his skill made him a forced to be reckoned with on the right-wing. The late season emergence of Fabian Herbers the winger gave the a Union much-needed offensive spark. These two are both in the running for the starting right-wing position in 2017. However, Herbers has been playing as the 10, and has the confidence of the coaches. Therefore, it would seem that Ilsinho is the sure starter at the right-wing position.

Ilsinho looks to be fully committed to improve his game from last season. In 2016 he was a chunky player who was not that quick, and had trouble pulling the trigger when he had the opportunity. This preseason, Ilsinho looks like a whole new person. He dropped about thirty pounds, and has been shooting and scoring when given the space to. The Brazilian has found some more pep in his step on the right-wing. He seems to be moving faster after shedding the pounds. He still has his skill. There have been times this preseason where he makes something out of nothing, to create a chance. The Union will need that against Vancouver. The only flaw in his game, is that he still has trouble tracking back.

While Ilsinho looks to have made leaps and bounds this offseason to improve, he still has trouble helping on defense. This is a huge problem for the Union, especially when Keegan Rosenberry moves up into the attack. There will be times when Rosenberry goes forward, and will be caught out of position. When this happens Ilsinho will need to cover. He had trouble with this in preseason not catching opposing players, and when he did he ended up fouling the opponent. If he continues to struggle with this in the opener, he could lose his starting role. But as of right now, Ilsinho will be the starter on the right-wing Sunday at Vancouver.

Ilsinho will look to show off his skill north of the border this weekend. He will be the starter on the right-wing. See the starting lineup fill up below. Check Philly Sports Network later for more coverage of Sundays opener starting 11. Until then, peace out Union fans.

Mandatory Credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports