Could the Eagles wide receiver conundrum be answered by an old foe?


It isn’t breaking news by now that the Eagles have to address their wide receiver corps. In last years Draft, the Birds’ were the lucky recipients of a shiny brand new Franchise quarterback, when they traded up to get Carson Wentz. This saw the beginning of a transition within the franchise, but if they plan on being a winner again, they need to surround their QB with weapons. Right now, the Offense is led by WR Jordan Matthews and TE Zach Ertz and despite some flashes, the Eagles need for WR talent stands evident.

Up until now, the Eagles, have been linked to every free agent WR known to man, from Alshon Jeffery to Kenny stills, the rumors don’t stop..and all for good reason, every one of these players would help upgrade the offense and aid in the develop of the young gunslinger.

Noticeably missing from this list of prospects has been upcoming free agent and current Dallas Cowboy, Terrence Williams. In his four year career, Williams has been nothing short of a playmaker for the arch nemesis of the Eagles. Although his numbers this season point to a down-tick, (44 receptions for 594 yards and 4 touchdowns), the truth was, Williams played second fiddle to Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley and a monster run game.

Despite the down year, Williams served as a dependable outlet for rookie QB Dak Prescott, averaging over 13 yards a catch and consistently getting open down field.

He is both quick in route and fast on top of them, also possessing the top-end speed needed to separate down field. Running clean routes was something he struggled with coming out college, has since turned into a strength. He is able to separate in route throughout the field and perhaps more valuably to the Eagles, is an able blocker in the run-game.

At 6’2, 215 lbs, Williams is a big receiver (Something Coach Pederson covets on the outside) and has served as a deep threat at times..which is also something the Eagles are in need of. He is also just 27-years old, so could be a player that would be signed with a long-term future alongside Carson Wentz in mind.

In his career, Williams has caught 177 passes for 2,791 yards, 20 touchdowns and averaged just under 16-yards per catch. He also brings  consistency from a health stand point, a tangible that some of the other, higher touted free-agent receivers on the market have struggled with at times. Maybe the biggest advantage of pursuing Williams would be his price. The Eagles lack sufficient cap space and are expected to set the tone for free agent WR contracts. A cheaper deal to start the offseason would have numerous benefits.

He has been consistent on and off the field, and the addition of his talents would help soften coverage on Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz. In turn, giving Wentz, multiple weapons to look to down field and helping create a NFC Monster, for years to come.


Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports