The Good, the bad and the ugly in Flyers loss to Hurricanes



The Philadelphia Flyers returned from the All-Star Break with their absolute worst game of the year. Were the Flyers aware that the All-Star break is over and that they are fighting for their playoff lives? Judging by their entire team effort, they forgot to show up. The Flyers have a history of bad games after extended breaks and this one was no different after the Carolina Hurricanes simply embarrassed the orange and black en route to a 5-1 dismantling of the Flyers.
The Good:
Simply put, there was no good. They avoided the shutout with Brayden Schenn’s power play goal in the third period. But you don’t build off of a meaningless power play goal when you are down 5-0.
The Bad:
Mental mistakes..too many of them. The errors that cost them this game were the same mistakes that have haunted the Flyers over the last six weeks. Poor defensive zone coverage, ill advised passes and absolutely no forechecking whatsoever. This is the time of year where these kind of mistakes cannot happen. The Flyers have no margin for error. They are fighting for their playoff lives.
The Ugly:
The effort, or the sheer lack of it. There was no sense of urgency. Six shots on goal through two periods simply will not get it done. The team was out played, out hustled and out worked..and this was against a team that had come into the game losing five in a row. This was the complete opposite of the way they played in winning their last three against the Islanders, Rangers and Maple Leafs.
This loss was simply unacceptable for the Flyers. They were playing good, smart hockey last week. They had cut down on the breakdowns that have haunted them all season. Everything resurfaced against the Hurricanes. It wasn’t the goaltending that let the team down, it was the effort by the forwards and defenseman hat was. Steve Mason was left hung out to dry all night. The teams attention to detail was poor and that’s being kind. The team talked about being in a better position than last year because they were in control of their own destiny. After being trounced by the Canes, the Flyers played like they are destined for early tee times in April instead of a playoff run.
Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports