Examining potential trade chips for Flyers as trade deadline looms


The Philadelphia Flyers are in a difficult position.  They are fighting for a Wild Card spot in the ultra-competitive Eastern Conference, but they are also in the middle of a partial rebuild. Very rarely do pro sports teams like the Flyers, who have enjoyed the success they have, tear the entire house down and start over. Instead, they remodel what they have while remaining competitive (in baseball, think the current New York Yankees). Below are a few names who may, or may not come up on the rumor mill and some potential landing spots.

Mark Streit:
The 38 year old defender would be a valuable asset to a team who is looking for a complementary defenseman who can also run the power play.  Long gone are the days where he will put up 50-60 points like he did earlier in his career, but he would provide a solid second or third pairing defenseman who could help with the man advantage, just as Kimmo Timonen did a few years ago.
Potential landing spots: Chicago Black Hawks, Dallas Stars, San Jose Sharks, Ottawa Senators
Steve Mason/Michel Neuvirth:
With both goalies on expiring contracts, either could be an asset to a team looking to add some protection for their number one goalie. Each has proven either by performance (Mason) or health (Neuvirth) that they have trouble carrying the heavy load. But both would be more than capable backups for a team with Stanley Cup aspirations
Potential landing spots- Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues
And here is one that is off the radar, but could be worth exploring…
Sean Couturier:
This will be an unpopular one as he is only in his sixth full NHL season.  He has just not shown the offensive potential that comes with being an 8th overall pick, but plays a sound defensive game. As of right now however, he is not more than a third line center. At $4.3 million per season, that’s a hefty price for a guy with 12 points on the year and is playing at a -4.  But for a team looking for a “shut down” defensive young center with some potential offensive upside, it may be worth it. You have to give something to get something.

Potential landing spots- Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames.

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