Instant analysis: Eagles get revenge against Cowboys


Some may have deemed the week 17 matchup meaningless, but for the Eagles it was anything but. With a chance to avenge an Overtime loss to bitter rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, Doug Pederson rallied his troops to take full advantage of their playoff preparations, winning 27-13. So what did we learn?


Jordan Hicks OWNS Dallas:
Contrary to popular belief, Jerry Jones does not actually own the Dallas Cowboys. That title goes to Eagles Sophomore linebacker, Jordan Hicks. Hicks has shone in every meeting against the Eagles biggest rival and today was no different. Interception not one, but two passes and leading the team in tackles, Hicks wiped his authority all over the Cowboys Offense.

Simba truly has taken control of the Animal Kingdom and it’s safe to say that Scar doesn’t have many places to hide.


Ertz finally explodes:
We’ve been waiting all season, but were finally greeted with an explosive performance from the Franchise TE. Ertz received for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Cowboys and was targeted more than he has been all year.

After a battle with injury early on and having to build a rapport with Carson Wentz, it’s safe to say that his was more than just a flash. This was a sign of potential things to come for the Eagles Offense, who when forced to rely on their tight ends when both of their top WR’s were missing, thrived. The future is bright for Zach Ertz and Carson Wentz..and the early signs of growth blossomed against the Cowboys.


A fairytale ending:
Not only did running back Terrell Watson make his NFL debut today, but he also scored his first rushing touchdown. The story of Terrell Watson is nothing short of jaw-droppingly inspiring..and today another chapter was written. Doug Pederson pencilled in the plays admirably, but Watson’s 28-yards of rushing were more than enough to cement the next step in his story.

It remains to be seen whether or not Watson will be on the Eagles roster in 2017..but watching the next step in what has been a remarkable journey was an absolute joy.


Wentz sends a clear message:
Dak Prescott has been the rookie on the lips of every analyst this year..but Carson Wentz isn’t going down without a fight. Completing 27/43 passes and throwing for over 200 yards and 2td’s, Wentz continued to resurge and end the season on a high.

It wasn’t a perfect game..but a beautiful TD pass to Ertz partnered with some great pocket presence and gunslinger like tendencies emphasized just how much he’s developed this season. Given that Wentz was without Agholor and Matthews, to still throw for 202 yards and two touchdowns against the Cowboys is beyond admirable.

Wentz made a firm statement today, that he’s not to be overlooked when it comes to evaluating this year’s rookie quarterbacks.


Carroll’s contract bid:
It was reported earlier this week that Nolan Carroll’s Agent is currently in the early stages of negotiating a new deal for the Eagles cornerback. A big game here would have certainly helped his leverage, but instead, Carroll racked up his seventh (and league leading) Pass Interference call this year and giving up several big plays.

His future is uncertain..but after yet another wobbly performance, it will be intriguing at best to see if at all, what kind of deal Carroll is offered by Howie Roseman.


Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports