Instant analysis: Eagles collapse in loss to Bengals


If there was ever a “must-win” game this season for the Eagles, it was this one. The birds travelled to Cincinnati to face the Bengals and left with their tails between their legs after being picked apart by Andy Dalton and dominated by the Defense. Playoffs are now more than likely out of the equation..but the team already seemed to be aware in today’s loss.

Take off the midnight green tinted glasses:
As much as the Offensive Line struggled again and there is a severe lack of help around him, it’s hard to overlook the fact that Carson Wentz had a bad day. In fact, it’s fair to say he’s regressed quite drastically since those opening wins. In his last five games, Wentz now has 3 touchdowns and 8 interceptions..although he had five passes alone tipped at the line of scrimmage today.

It would be unfair to judge Wentz on the success of this season, or even hold him to a winning standard due to the situation he inherited. But needless to say, his performances in recent weeks have been less than impressive, regardless of the lack of help.


The Eagles continued to shoot themselves in the foot with a string of penalties against the Bengals, amassing ten overall. Some were controversial and others were simply stupid, but the point remains that the lack of discipline on this Football team is deeply concerning.

It’s been an ongoing problem since the opening game of the season, but if the Eagles can’t learn how to not lose games..then learning how to win is almost out of the question.


I will have a full article coming on this shortly, but the Eagles had no will or desire on the football field today. With the exception of Wentz and Brandon Graham, the team looked to lack effort and consistently seemed as if they were simply waving the white flag.

Whether it was the cornerbacks being toasted, the O-Line posing no threat to the likes of Vontaze Burfict, or a complete lack of Offensive balance (that’s a story for another day), the team just didn’t have that same fire that we’ve seen burn so brightly throughout this season. Instead we saw a game without effort, hope or determination..and that’s BAD news for a Head Coach.


Pass rush isn’t rushing:
For the second consecutive game, the Eagles failed to sack the opposing quarterback..although not for the want of trying. Bennie Logan forced a fumble and there was an absurd penalty earlier on in the game. But once again, no sign of Fletcher Cox and the rest of the pass rush failed to even phase Andy Dalton, who threw for 332 yards and 2 touchdowns.

This HAS to change in the coming weeks, but the Eagles were manhandled in the trenches this week..and it’s been a theme for one game too many under Jim Schwartz.


The silver lining:
Through all the confusion, struggles and disappointment, there was one silver lining that emerged. Both Trey Burton and Paul Turner had great games.

As we predicted in our article earlier today, Burton really added to the depth of the Offense, receiving for a season high 53 yards after being targeted 9 times. Paul Turner on the other hand looked much more impressive than his debut, leading the team in receiving with 80 yards.

The curtain may be closing on the Eagles playoff hopes, but these two Offensive underdogs are preparing for the encore.