NFL’s toughest officiating crew to call Eagles showdown with Cowboys


It’s no secret that the Eagles have struggled massively with penalties so far this season..and their problems could be set to amplify, given that Jerome Boger’s officiating team will be calling their Sunday Night clash with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles have racked up 58 penalties already this season, the sixth most in the league, costing them a total of 457 yards. Boger’s officiating crew call an average of 20 penalties per game, highlighting their strictness..but the concern doesn’t end there.

Averaging 10.2 penalties per game, the Eagles have struggled mightily when it comes to penalties along the Offensive Line, with Jason Kelce and Jason Peters being the prime suspects. Boger has called 24 Offensive holding penalties this season already..and given that Kelce has already been flagged seven times, it doesn’t bode incredibly well for the Offense.

The Eagles appeared far more disciplined against the Vikings than in recent weeks, only being flagged a total of seven times. But in the three games before that, the team had at least ten penalties in each, costing them 324 yards.

It’s been one of the most frustrating aspects of the season so far and a problem that just doesn’t seem to going away. Against a Cowboys team that has been flagged just 36 times this season (27th least in the league), the birds will be on incredibly thin ice.

Sensitivity is something that doesn’t surface often with this crew. From an abundance of Offensive Pass Interference calls to 37 passing penalties, the players will be watched like hawks on Sunday Night just as they have all season long. If the birds can’t discipline themselves, we could see another game plagued by sloppy penalties and wasted opportunities.



Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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