Five bold predictions for Eagles week 5 matchup against Lions


After a week away from going against the curve when it comes to bold Eagles predictions, it’s time to further establish ourselves this series as the most accurate predictions series out there. If you’re new to this or have forgotten what was predicted in week 3, here’s a quick recap.

Those two accurate predictions give us a 6/15 record for the season after falling short on a couple during the opening week, but anything above 25% for bold predictions is where we’re aiming. So with that in mind, here are five more bold statements ahead of the Eagles week 5 game against the Lions.


DGB emergence:
The involvement of Dorial Green-Beckham in the Eagles Offense has only increased through the opening three games of the season, but with a week away to get the rest of the playbook down, we might finally see just how dangerous he can be.

Against a Lions Secondary who are struggling to create any kind of momentum, the 6’5 receiver could have a field day..especially in the redzone if the Eagles Offense starts rolling. Even with just over half of the playbook in his mind, DGB looked lethal at times and has averaged 9.3 yards per reception.

A more prominent role in Pederson’s Offense would not only help the balance of it, but give Wentz yet another weapon to utilize in what’s become an incredibly dynamic unit..and that’s exactly what I’m predicting will happen today.

The first bold prediction of the day is that Dorial Green-Beckham will catch his first touchdown pass as an Eagle and receive for 50 yards.


Wendell Smallwood carries the torch:
There has been plenty of questions over the shape of the Eagles backfield ever since Smallwood was thrust into the front lines against the Steelers and proved to be the most efficient back on the roster, while the lead duo in the backfield seemed to struggle on the ground.

This may have urged Pederson to try a slightly different look against a team ranking 22nd against the run, which not only leaves Sproles open to be utilized just as he was against the Steelers, but helps further build a rapport between Smallwood and Wentz that could become even more important important in seasons to come.

My second bold prediction of the day is that the Eagles fifth round pick will rack up 100 yards rushing and a touchdown.


Wentz punishes Lions Secondary:
The Wentz Wagon has been rolling just as much as its driver in the opening three weeks of the season. The Eagles rookie QB is yet to turn the ball over and has found the endzone five times, stunning just about everyone in the league..and against a weakened Lions Secondary, he could be in line to do so once again.

A balanced gameplan with some ground support could see Wentz come into his own against the Lions and build on everything he’s achieved so far. There are multitude of reasons as to why Wentz and Pederson’s system could be shutdown the Lions Defense completely, but what it really comes down to is his mentality, maturity and ability to put the team first in every situation.

Our third prediction is simply for Carson Wentz to make history. If he wins today, the Eagles become the first team in NFL history to go 4-0 with a rookie QB. To go hand in hand, Wentz will throw for 2 touchdowns and end his first quarter of the season without an interception.


Ertz returns:
The Eagles Offense has been so efficient in recent weeks, it’s almost tough to believe they’ve achieved a their last two wins WITHOUT Zach Ertz..just imagine what they could WITH him!

With a hungry former Stanford tight end proving to be one of Wentz’s most reliable targets in week one, the gameplan could completely open up now that he’s back in the mix. A huge return would be hardly surprising given just how impressive Ertz has been throughout his short career..but it would be impressive.

I’m predicting Ertz to receive for 85 yards and a touchdown on his return to the Eagles Offense after missing the last two games with injury.


Historic Hicks:
Jordan Hicks has built on everything achieved in his shortened rookie campaign, leading the Eagles linebacker corps and showing that he can develop into a prototypical “Jim Schwartz linebacker”. Against the Lions however, he will be tested thoroughly.

The Lions Offense has taken some knocks over the last few weeks, leaving a versatile Theo Riddick and mismatch nightmare Cole Wick to fly the flag while Marvin Jones continues to terrorize Defenses.

Coverage over the middle is going to be crucial this week and it’s an area where Hicks excels. The final prediction is for Hicks to hit 10 tackles for only the third time in his career and also pick off a pass.