Darren Sproles has fared well in Monday night games with the Eagles


The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. These games are usually kind to Eagles running back, Darren Sproles, as he’s fared well in them since joining the Eagles in 2014.

Sproles first Monday night game as an Eagle was absolutely amazing and showcased the talent the running back brought to the team. Sproles carried the ball four times for 26 rushing yards and a touchdown, but what he was able to do catching the ball is what really turned heads.

Sproles caught seven passes for 152 receiving yards, which ultimately carried the Eagles to a 30-27 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Sproles was named the NFC’s Offensive Player of the Week after his stellar performance.

That wasn’t Sproles only great performance for the Eagles on Monday Night Football that season either. The team faced the Carolina Panthers as well and Sporles again was a huge contributor to the team’s victory.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Sproles returned a punt for a 65-yard touchdown to shift the momentum to the Eagles side throughout the game. It also happened to be Sproles’ second touchdown of the game after scoring on an eight-yard rushing touchdown earlier in the first quarter.

Sproles’ punt return resulted in a 35-0 run that ultimately gave the Eagles a 45-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

The first Monday night game of the Eagles 2015 season was against the Atlanta Falcons. Sproles made a noticeable impact in the game, even though he was kept out of the end zone.

Sproles finished the game carrying the ball five times and rushing for 50 yards in total, while catching seven passes for 76 receiving yards. Unfortunately his effort wasn’t enough as the Eagles were defeated by the Falcons 26-24.

Sporles worst Monday night game to date for the Eagles was versus the New York Giants. The Eagles dominated the game winning 27-7, but Sproles was kept in check throughout the game rushing the ball once for two yards and catching one pass for three yards. He had 25 yards in total returning punts.

The Bears were ranked 21st in special teams in 2015, allowing three return touchdowns on the season. The team also ranked 25th in passing touchdowns, while ranking 23rd against the run, so Sproles has legitimate chances to make an impact on Monday despite his poor play last Sunday.