Brandon Graham: ‘Carson’s confidence level is totally up’


The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge investment when the team traded up and acquired rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz, this past April. The constant improvment Wentz has made since entering the league has been noted, but his work ethic and time he puts into molding his craft have been overlooked.

Eagles defensive end, Brandon Graham, appeared on Philadelphia’s 94.1 WIP radio show this morning discussing the rookie quarterback and how much he’s impressed the team since joining them.

“For him, it’s just the confidence is knowing the plays,” Graham said of Wentz on Wednesday’s 94WIP Morning Show. “And I think he knew the plays the first month he got there because he’s been invested in this game.

Even now, I bet you right now he’s up there at the facility — he’s probably been there since 5 [a.m.]. Because I’m up there early every day, and to see him up there before me — and I get there at 5:45 [a.m.] — the car looks like it’s kinda cold as far as you see the steam from the car and stuff like that.

I think Carson is definitely headed in the right direction because his confidence level is totally up and I think wants he figured out what the coaches wanted, how did they want certain things run on certain plays, I think for him the rest was history,” Graham said.

Wentz has drawn these type of praises dating back to his collegiate days at North Dakota State University. He possesses the drive it takes to become a franchise quarterback in the NFL and he continues to put in the work to lead this Eagles teams to victories under his leadership.

Eagles starting right guard, Brandon Brooks, has echoed the same sentiments to me about the team’s starting quarterback.

“[Carson] is definitely a natural born leader, but also brings his own swag with him,” Brooks said. “Carson has been doing everything right. Seeing blitzes, reading coverages given, and gettting in extra early to watch film. I think Carson is ready to take over.”

The rookie quarterback has clearly provided the veterans on this Eagles with a great first impression. Graham was cited after the Eagles 29-10 victory versus the Cleveland Browns saying “That boy 11 is for real!” After learning he was going to be a starting quarterback this last week, Wentz has clearly provided his team with a spark they needed.