Ten takeaways from day sixteen of Eagles Training Camp


17,389 fans attended a special practice at Lincoln Financial Field this evening. The Eagles paid tribute to those who serve in the special forces throughout the night, from military themed uniforms to jersey swaps..it was a night to say thank you. On the field however, the team were just as competitive as the pads come on once more. Here are ten takeaways from this evening’s practice.


Injury update:
After sustaining a hairline fracture in his ribs, rookie quarterback Carson Wentz walked out onto the Linc without pads, earning a warm welcome from the Eagles die hards. Joining Wentz on the sidelines were 7th round pick Jalen Mills and UDFA Hunter Sharp who both have hamstring injuries.

Mike Martin, Jordan Matthews, JaCorey Shepherd and Mychal Kendricks were the other Eagles unable to take part in todays action.


Offensive Line resurgence: 
After a wobbly game of pass protection against the Bucs, the Eagles Offensive Line is going to be under a lot of scrutiny and attention should Lane Johnson’s suspension come to fruition. That doesn’t mean that this hasn’t been noticed and that preparations haven’t been made.

Considering how crucial pass protection is going to be for the Eagles this season, it’s not only encouraging to see a plan in place for a situation where the Eagles are without Lane Johnson for ten games, but see that the players look set to bounce back and prove that the Bucs performance doesn’t define them.


Eric Rowe improving:
Jim Schwartz praised Eric Rowe earlier today despite what many believe to be a disappointing camp. As noted in my CB preseason week one analysis, Rowe had a stellar game on Thursday..and he looks to be bringing the heat at practice too.

With Jalen Mills currently out with injury, this is the perfect time for Rowe to re-assert himself as a starter or at least put himself in a position to earn his spot on the depth chart back.


Rampant rookie:
Joe Walker was one of the standouts in Thursday Night’s win after a stunning run stopping display..but it looks as though his coverage is equally as impressive.


Kicking it up a notch:
There may not be much of a kicking competition left in Philadelphia, at least if Caleb Sturgis has anything to say about it.

Sturgis has had the “upper leg” since the Spring and at this point, should be considered a huge favorite if the role isn’t already secure.


C.J Smith turns more heads:
Smith, the cornerback who hauled in a clutch interception a few days ago against the Bucs..looks to have really thrown the Cat among the Pigeons. Another day of practice..and another big play from the former NDSU corner.


There’s a lot of uncertainty over the cornerback depth chart as of right now..but if Smith continues to keep his name in the forefront of the minds of Jim Schwartz and DB coach Cory Undlin, there’s every possibility he has a shot to make the final roster or at least the practice squad.


Marcus Smith in a battle of his own?:
Marcus Smith has missed valuable time with his recent injury, handing a huge opportunity to Steven Means who has made the most of it to say the least. It looks like the road ahead could be getting very tough again for Smith.

Smith had been relatively impressive at Camp until his injury, but now there’s one more hurdle he has to jump over if he wants to secure his role on the depth chart.


A varied day for Randle:
Former Giants WR Reuben Randle has had a strong camp so far..but seemed like a different receiver entirely on Thursday night. Today saw a mix of what we’re used to hearing..and what we saw in the preseason opener.

We’re going to need to see more in the way of consistency from Randle if he is to emerge as a top threat on the outside for the Eagles.


Huffing and puffing?:
Josh Huff may be out of favor in Philadelphia. With Matthews sidelined, the door is wide open for somebody else to step up..but that man doesn’t look to be Josh Huff. Paul Turner has emerged as one of the dark horses to make the Eagles roster and is now getting reps with the first team..but Huff is beginning to step up.

I’ll have an article coming shortly on these emerging “duo battles” shortly, but Huff is going to have to show more than he has all offseason in the coming weeks if he is to guarantee himself a spot on the roster.


D r o p s:
That word is going to give me nightmares. Once again, the Eagles struggled with dropped passes. From Zach Ertz whose name is coming up worryingly often in these conversations, to Darren Sproles, Nelson Agholor and even the hotshot Paul Turner..the Eagles did not have a pleasant day when it came to securing the football. Will the curse ever be lifted?