Report: Carson Wentz “lightyears” ahead of Paxton Lynch


Before the Eagles traded up to the second overall pick in the draft, Paxton Lynch was a name on the lips of many fans and analysts. Fast forward a few months and Lynch finds himself working behind Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian in Denver while Wentz is set to become the long-term future of the Eagles franchise.

But how far apart are the two first round quarterbacks? Both are extremely athletic and both seemed like great fits for Pederson’s hybrid West-Coast Offense. A source who requested anonymity told me earlier today that there is actually a much bigger gap between the two than people think.

” Wentz is lightyears ahead. Both quarterbacks are probably going to be number 3 on their team’s roster heading into week one, but Carson is much closer to being game ready than Paxton. Mentally, he’s ready to start and is showing the leadership qualities needed to succeed in the NFL. It’s just a case of ironing out the mechanical hitches.”

Neither QB is set to start straight away, but Lynch has a chance to pry the starting role away from Mark Sanchez in pre-season whereas for Wentz, it’s all about experience.

” I’m hearing Paxton has been making big leaps over the last few days and is going to see a lot of pre-season action..but he’s still the number 3. Wentz has been progressively improving but there’s a clearer system in place. So even if he plays lights out in pre-season, he’s probably still going to be on the sidelines to start the year.”

It’s encouraging to hear that Wentz appears to be so much further ahead of Lynch, but he was also selected 24 picks earlier. However, with both quarterbacks essentially taking on “project” roles with the hopes of one day taking the reins for themselves, it’s promising to hear how much further along Wentz is in his development. Especially considering that he may be called upon much earlier than Lynch if injuries play a role.


Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports