Ten takeaways from day seven of Eagles Training camp


The Eagles held their first practice that was open to the public today at Lincoln Financial Field and for many, it was a chance to build on what has been a successful camp so far. Fans were dying to see what second overall pick Carson Wentz could do but more importantly, wanted to see their team in action after that long period without Football..and they were treated to an intense display by the birds. Here are ten takeaways from todays action:

Eagles fans turned up in their thousands, but strangely more showed up last year:
18,000 die-hard Eagles fans showed up to Lincoln Financial field today to watch their team go through a vigorous practice and get their first glimpse at the latest players to join the nest. However, the numbers weren’t that impressive in comparison to last year’s..

18,000 is still a BIG number. This may be overblown when people compare the amount of fans at practice under Chip, but todays attendance is still more than the estimated 12,000 who showed up to the Patriots practice on Thursday..

Injury update:
RB Ryan Mathews (Ankle)
OL Brandon Brooks (Hamstring)
WR Marcus Johnson (Calf)

CB Nolan Carroll (Ankle)
WR Reuben Randle (Cramps)
CB Ron Brooks (Cramps)
Nothing too shocking here, although it’s great to see Carroll return so quickly after suffering cramps in his ankle. Marcus Johnson missed todays practice after leaving early yesterday with a quad injury. Brandon Brooks and Ryan Mathews are expected to return to Training camp soon


Eric Rowe is fired up:
Remember when the rumors were swirling that Eric Rowe could be facing an early exit from Philadelphia after a simple observation snowballed into reports across the major outlets? Well, it’s just a guess but I don’t think he’s taken too kindly..

Rowe has been on a tear in the last few days, a trend that’s only inclining as time goes on. With the competition so ripe at the CB position..every practice is vital. That’s not lost on the Sophomore corner who is really looking to cement his place as a starter on the roster.


Simba leads the animal kingdom:
Jordan Hicks assumed the role of Simba in his rookie season..but with DeMeco “Mufasa” Ryans no longer on the team, it’s up to Simba to lead the animal kingdom..and he’s doing just that.

Hicks was almost a definite contender for Defensive Rookie of the Year until his season was cut short with a torn pectoral. In his second season however, the Eagles will be relying on him to show the same level of dominance as he did a year ago..and if we’re to go by early signs..he’s showing the attitude and potential we have come to know and love.


Daniel has consistency, Wentz is the star:
Chase Daniel appeared to be the most consistent of all the quarterbacks today. Wentz was hot and cold throughout the day but showed great progress in his play, while Bradford struggled with a couple of picks that were later redeemed by a perfectly thrown TD pass to Jordan Matthews. But it was Chase Daniel who was quietly putting in the work and showing the world why he’s the perfect backup in this system.

However, the spotlight was placed firmly on the second overall pick..and he loved every second.

Wentz is going to be a star in Philly.


Mills isn’t afraid of anyone..:
Jalen Mills is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting players to watch out for in Training camp..and the fans couldn’t wait to see if the hype was real. Today, Mills showed that he has that raw, aggressive mentality needed to succeed in this Defense.

This isn’t the first time Mills has stood his ground. He exchanged a few pushes with Jordan Matthews a few days ago and often makes sure he asserts his dominance over the opposing receiver. A strong sign from a strong willed player. Although, like any rookie..he still has some room to grow.


Leodis McKelvin bringing intensity to Defense:
McKelvin plays with a LOT of fire in his belly, there’s no denying that. But on days like today..it shines.

The Eagles Secondary needs someone to lead by example..and as a former pupil of Jim Schwartz, McKelvin is becoming that guy.


Cornerback competition bringing the best out of C.J Smith:


There appeared to be some NDSU fans in the house today, maybe that’s what spurred him on. But in a Cornerback competition as intense as this..the undrafted rookie is doing everything he can to try and stand out.


Reuben Randle impresses again:
The “work rate” of Reuben Randle was often criticized during his time as a New York Giant..but it’s hard to understand why if he attacked every practice in the way he has so far in Philly. Randle continued to turn heads and is already emerging as a top target for Sam Bradford.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty at the WR position for the Eagles, but Randle is doing his best to make sure everything surrounding his role in the Offense is carved in stone.


Varied day for Ertz:
Tight End Zach Ertz took a while to fire on all cylinders today in what was a strangely uncharacteristic display.

However, some big catches toward the end of the day and the evident frustration at his own errors highlight just how much he wants to get better and emphasize his work ethic. It’s not often that we see Ertz make drops, but it really didn’t help that Bradford missed him several times after some impressive route running left him wide open. Either way, expect Ertz to come out swinging during the team’s next practice.


Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports