Frank Reich says Trey Burton looked like a WR at times during OTA’s

In a rainy first full-team practice at the NovaCare Complex, Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich met with the media after the team finished up for the day. Naturally, he was met with plenty of questions about the state of the Offense. From the depth at running back to how the play-calling will work, the former Chargers Offensive Coordinator had a lot to discuss.

One of the most interesting answers however, came when talking about current third string tight end Trey Burton. As regular readers of the site will know, I’ve been backing a move to wide receiver for the former Florida Gator for quite some time. (You can see why here.) It seems like Reich wouldn’t exactly be opposed to the idea either.

I love Trey Burton,” said Reich. “He’s a football player now. That guy understands the game. He’s very athletic, he’s got good size. Some guys just know how to play. You can put them on the field and put them in any position it seems like. He really impressed me in OTAs. There were times he was running routes outside [and] on the tape it looks like it’s a receiver, and yet he’s 245, 250 pounds, and plays tight end. I’m very impressed with him and looking for some good production from him.”

Reich is clearly impressed with the early production of Trey Burton. He was mainly a producer on special teams last year but during his brief time on the Offense, made quite the impact.

Burton also took some reps outside yesterday during the team’s first full-team practice as well as some looks as a fullback with the third team. However, if Burton repeats a confident showing like this throughout camp..

..the decision to move him to the outside could be even more obvious than it already is, especially if Frank Reich sees too much potential in the 24 year old to be sat behind both Zach Ertz and Brent Celek who signed long-term extensions with the team during the offseason, essentially locking the starting roles for the foreseeable future.


Photo credit: AP