Ten takeaways from day two of Eagles Training Camp


The 38 Eagles who reported for camp yesterday were back at the NovaCare Complex again today in what was to be the final practice before the rest of the 90-man roster arrive. Here are ten things to takeaway from today’s action.

Coaching aggression:
We all know that Jim Schwartz is an aggressive coach. His system is ruthless and the players are expected to attack each and every play. To do that, he has to be the heart and soul of his system..pumping the adrenaline to every player on the Defense. Training camp is no exception for Schwartz…or any coach be it on Offense or Defense for that matter.

One of the big differences between Pederson’s team and Kelly’s is that the players are treated like men. That doesn’t mean that they’re exempt from a coaches rage if they step out of line or if things aren’t going quite right. It’s great for the fans to see, probably not for the players getting ripped into..


At this stage it shouldn’t really matter too much or be seen as representative of the position as a whole because it’s only the undrafted rookies, but drops are once again plaguing the Eagles..and there isn’t much in the way of contact.

Yeah, it’s not looking too pretty.


..But one UDFA is continuing to make plays:
And that man is Cayleb Jones. The wide receiver reportedly made some impressive plays during yesterdays practice and followed it up with some equally impressive grabs today.

He might want to approach these practices with a little more caution however..


All eyes on Seumalo:
After temporarily moving to the Center position due to a lack of depth in the opening days of camp, Isaac Seumalo has continued to impress those around him.

If Seumalo can carry on making a good first impression, he could add some extra value as a backup Center to Jason Kelce. We know he’s versatile and can play both guard and tackle, but if he can act as a reliable backup to Kelce..it could open a narrow door for Wisniewski to earn the starting role he’s adamant belongs to him.


Carson Wentz shows good fundamentals…:
If there’s one thing the second overall pick in this years Draft has over both Bradford and Daniel, it’s athleticism. Wentz is the tallest quarterback on the roster but as we have all come to learn, can be extremely impressive when forced to use his feet.

Reports suggest he may not have had the best day at the NovaCare Complex as the rookie performed just like that title suggests, a rookie. The wobble that plagued him in the Spring allegedly made a slight return..but you simply can’t fault his drive or ever-impressive fundamentals.


…but sees a drop in reps:
Interestingly, Wentz didn’t see as much action as he did yesterday..or as much as Bradford or Daniel.

This shouldn’t be sounding any alarm bells, the former NDSU QB is going to see plenty of action in the coming weeks and likely going to see an increase in reps as pre-season approaches. Still, Wentz is showing plenty of eagerness to get out onto the field.



Bradford’s back..:
The sleeves we’ve come to know and love (most of us) was back in full flight today with some more deep passing clinics. Considering how much of a focus this was in the Eagles offseason and how Eliot Shorr-Parks noted the “Checkdowns” played a big role in his practice yesterday, it’s nice to hear Bradford is slinging it once again.


From CFL to NFL:
One of the dark horses to make the final 53-man roster is former Edmonton Eskimos cornerback Aaron Grymes. A transition from the CFL to the NFL could be seen as tough, but Grymes seems to be doing just fine so far..

Grymes looked stronger yesterday and even stronger today..could he be the corner to watch in what promises to be a ferocious competition?


Travis Long is still fighting:
It’s been a rough few years for LB Travis Long. After fighting through injury after injury, Long is hoping this year is finally the year it all comes together. He’s wasting no time in stating his intentions either..

It’s great to see Long still showing the same level of intensity as he has throughout his jagged NFL career and in a linebacker corps that needs depth, Long could be a great addition if he can stay healthy.


Surprise, surprise..:
You knew it was coming..how could we recap an Eagles practice without talking about the Green Goblin?!

The sleeper pick of the Draft just keeps on impressing. There’s already plenty of hype surrounding Jalen Mills, but with these kind of performances happening so early on in camp..it leaves people even more excited to see what he can do when the pads go on come Saturday.


Photo credit: AP/Chris Szagola