Eagles hire new scouting assistant with ties to assistant director of player personnel


The Eagles appear to have made a very subtle addition to their personnel department today with the signing of a new scouting assistant. Here’s what I was told a few moments ago:


After doing a little digging, the move seems legitimate. It comes after former Eagles scouting assistant John Syty left to take on the same role with the Chicago Bears. Syty spent over a year with the team after a short stint as a player personnel assistant with the University of Alabama. His replacement is former Ravens Personnel assistant, Christopher Nolan…no, not the man who directed Batman.

Nolan spent a year evaluating talent at both the College and Pro level with the Ravens while preparing reports for upcoming games. The move is interesting because if you remember the Eagles last personnel hirings, both had connections to the Ravens. Nolan also spent time as an equipment intern with the Atlanta Falcons.

Joe Douglas became the Vice President of Player Personnel while former Ravens scout Weidl will be his assistant. Weidl would have spent time working with Nolan in 2015 and as he receives a promotion to his new role in Philadelphia, Nolan will once again work under one of the most renowned scouts in the league.

It’s clear to see that the Eagles are focusing on chemistry and communication. By having a personnel department that are already familiar with each other, the birds are taking a massive step forward from the disconnect endured under Chip Kelly’s short tenure as GM.

Photo credit: Rich Schultz – Getty Images