Eagles sign Nolan Carroll to 1-year deal worth $2.36M


After a recent report claiming that the Eagles were still in play for Nolan Carroll, it appears as though they have sealed the deal. After initial sources claimed that Carroll had signed a one year deal with the Eagles, Ian Rapoport not only confirmed the deal but shed some light on the details of the contract.

Carroll’s impressive second season in Philadelphia came to a premature end with an ankle injury during the thanksgiving loss to the Lions. It’s fair to say the injury hampered his market and after social media posts from Carroll claiming his ankle was never broken, things took an interesting twist.

With Brooks and McKelvin recently signed, the Eagles further bolstered their Cornerback core with a player who certainly had some bright moments during his 2015 campaign. Carroll ended his season with two interceptions and 57 tackles.

After meeting with the Cowboys earlier this week, the team were set to wait and see what happened with both the Dolphins and the Eagles still expressing interest in their former Corner, it appears as though the waiting is over and Carroll will remain in Philadelphia.

The deal is excellent value for the Eagles. The birds get Carroll much cheaper than if he had ended the 2015 season healthy as well as a corner who has proved himself to be quick and reliable in aggressive plays whilst Carroll can test the waters of Free Agency again next season if he so wishes.