Eagles new offer to Sam Bradford between $12m-$15m; per report


Last night Fox Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo reported that the Eagles had upped their to Sam Bradford in a push to retain his services. Whilst details of the offer were not released, numerous insiders confirmed the information and today, Garafolo appeared on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show to expand on the information. The initial report came from CBSPhilly and contains a much more detailed transcript of the interview including an embedded player to listen to the opening minutes of the show.

You can listen to the entire segment here but we paraphrased the most important quote.


“Somewhere from $12 to $15 million. That middle of the pack road that the Eagles would be willing to go. They’re not going to go $20 million, at least not as a face value. And that’s the key to this deal.”

“…We understand that you think if you re-gain the top form or the form that made you a number one overall pick, that you’re going to want to be making close to what the top quarterbacks in the league are making.”

Last night, I decided to crunch the numbers and based on circumstance came up with a likely offer that was submitted by the Eagles. This would definitely coincide with what Garafolo had to say..(if my estimation is close to what the Eagles offer then this is something that NO OTHER Philadelphia sports news site has come close to….we’re changing the game.)

You can view the reasoning behind the proposed offer here

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 20.10.43

So if this offer is incentive based and the base salary begins at around let’s say $13m, this not only fits EXACTLY with the contract (pictured above) I proposed last night depending on the incentives, but would also give Bradford leverage to start at an affordable salary for the Eagles but have an opportunity to earn a salary much closer to what he and his agent would like depending on his play…a smart move right?

The Eagles have until tomorrow afternoon to place a franchise tag on Sam Bradford and after that, the clock will really begin to tick. It’s obvious that everyone within the organization from the top down is interested but the question is, can the Eagles entice Bradford and his agent to put pen to paper?