Another NFL team “heavily” pursuing Vinny Curry according to source


The last time we reported on the Vinny Curry situation, we had heard that the Eagles Pass Rusher received an offer that “was not what he expected”. Well he may well be receiving a more encouraging offer very soon, but it might not be from the Eagles.

According to an anonymous source, another NFL team are “heavily” pursuing Curry. Our source went onto say that “Vinny absolutely wants to stay in Philadelphia, if the Eagles can get even remotely close to what the pursuing team offer, he will stay in Philly”.

Again, we don’t know how accurate this information is but what we do know is that it does make a lot of sense. There are various teams across the league who are in desperate need of some depth at both DE and OLB. The versatile Curry would fill both of those gaps very well for any Defense.

Curry also tweeted something rather interesting last night..

Perhaps thinking about the current situation or one that could develop very soon? Or maybe what to have for dinner..who knows.

However there does seem to be a lot of subliminal hinting here..

Under-utilised in the Chip Kelly era, many expect Curry to be a focal point in Schwartz’s 4-3 Defense. But if Curry was such a focal point of Free-Agency (as reported by various outlets and beat-writers) then why have three players signed new deals? It only further cements our earlier report that the initial offer received was “not what he expected”.

As noted though, Curry is a local guy and he has made it clear throughout his time here that this is his home. If all the Eagles need to do is be in the same ballpark as the other team then that’s certainly an encouraging sign…depending on how Mr Roseman likes to throw his curveballs.