Top five takeaways from Doug Pederson’s first press conference as Eagles Head Coach

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Jeffery Lurie introduced new Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson to the media today in a press conference that saw both give speeches and answer some interesting questions from the notoriously tough Philadelphia media. A lot was said and there’s plenty to talk about..but we’re going to list the top five takeaways from Doug Pederson’s first conference as Eagles Head Coach.

Understands the “culture and passion” of Philadelphia
Something that Chip Kelly didn’t in his final season. Pederson was very clear that he not only understood the passion of the fans and how important the team is to them, but also claimed the following..

and how the team hasn’t won anything in quite sometime..and it’s his job to change that. It’s nice to see a Head Coach who has spent time with the team already and knows how to approach this..he understands the fans, he understands the task at hand and he certainly isn’t underestimating it like Mr Kelly.

Is Roseman’s reign of terror coming to an end?
There was a lot of uncertainty when it came to Howie Roseman today. From him originially  refusing to talk to the media from Lurie stating that the team are looking for a “Head of personnel”

It’s all a little misty at the moment but perhaps Howie Roseman won’t be as prolific in the Eagles personnel decisions as many are fearing..

Jim Schwartz officially hired, the switch to a 4-3 is imminent.
Doug Pederson himself officially announced the hiring of Jim Schwartz as the teams new Defensive Coordinator which means two things..

  1. No more Billy Davis
  2. A return to a 4-3

This is hugely important for the Eagles who have a team filled with Defensive talent who just simply weren’t utilised under Kelly and Davis, often left shorthanded due to Offensive failures and being over exerted as a consequence.

Schwartz has an intimidating success rate when it comes to being a Defensive Coordinator and his Head Coaching regime in Detroit was perhaps even more impressive..if anyone is going to get the gritty, angry Defense that Philly was once renowned for back, it’s Schwartz…a key hiring for Pederson.

The one thing that was constantly re-iterrated by both Lurie and Pederson was accountability. Something Chip seemed to lack in his last season by constantly passing the blame on failure to execute when needed.

From the media poking at the Chiefs final drive last weekend to poking Lurie about Roseman..the team are intent on accepting responsibility and Pederson certainly didn’t shy away from any questions.

This is a refreshing change for Philadelphia and seeing Pederson openly claim that he was calling the plays on the Chiefs final drive whilst risky..was actually a very smart thing to do..he isn’t hiding behind anyone and it’s something that can only be applauded.

Sam Bradford would be a “perfect fit” for Pederson’s system
The biggest talking point of the Off-season player wise for the Eagles was always going to be Sam Bradford and whilst many outlets were quick to claim that the bird should “tag and trade” sammy B or even going as far as listing alternatives, we have been the ONLY site to stand behind Bradford since the moment he walked in…and now Pederson appears to stand alongside us.

Or as we put it in a rush of excitement and mild fan-girling…

It looks as though Pederson will aim to retain Sam Bradford which would end a lot of speculation and arguably be the best first personnel move he could possibly make..

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