Five pro’s of firing Chip Kelly


So earlier today we posted the five cons of firing former Eagles  Head Coach Chip Kelly but now we flip the coin and look at the five biggest positives coming out of the end of a very short yet very drama filled era in Philadelphia.

5) Front Office not afraid to make the tough decisions
It’s fair to say that the Eagles were stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they fire Chip, the state of the current team isn’t exactly the most appealing job going and there isn’t a guarantee of any short term success that may have still been possible under Chip because it was HIS team.

But by firing Kelly, Jeffery Lurie showed spine and that can only be applauded. He saw what was wrong with the team, spoke to players and made sure he did what was best for the team moving forward.

Philadelphia needs an owner that shows passion, not just turns up on gameday and goes to his VIP Box without talking to anyone like various others do. The Eagles are lucky to have an owner who is willing to get his hands dirty and make the tough calls needed to build a successful franchise.

4) Restores faith and hope of fans
There have been several occasions this season in which the Linc would begin emptying in the third quarter. We’re not condoning or condemning anyone’s choice to leave a game early or to express their frustrations because it all stems from the same unified emotion.

But with Chip now out of the picture, it gives fans a reason to trust their owner again..a reason to believe and instil some real excitement as the team head into a crucial off-season.

If Chip was the coach heading into next season there would be a common sense of unrest among fans, especially with so many contracts due to expire. A new Coach brings a fresh start..something fans have been begging for since that fateful loss to Atlanta in week one.

3) The glue
It’s unclear whether or not Chip did in fact lose the Locker Room but it’s fair to say it was a lot weaker a month ago than it was a year ago. Oh and while we’re on the topic…

Just saying. Anyway, it’s clear that things were falling apart internally. First the running back controversy followed by countless reports of players expressing their concern. After the firing some have called Chip a “hungry dictator” and  said they expected a move to happen but not so soon whilst others have stood by their former Coach.

There was a division in the locker room and you simply cannot win games if half of the team do not want to play for their coach. One player claimed that it was clear players had “given up” a few weeks back..a good Coach would rally his men together, not watch the division grow and eventually crack the ground on which he walks.

With Kelly gone, the players will likely bond or glue together..if they don’t, their new Coach almost certainly will and that’s something the Eagles need perhaps over anything else..chemistry and confidence.

2) Letting the stars shine

D-Jax, Maclin, McCoy..all stars, all previous Eagles. It’s been stated before but the real star of the Chip Kelly Offense is Chip and nobody else. Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians even went as far as to say “that’s not playing Quarterback” when talking about how Kelly runs his Offense.

The Eagles are LOADED with star potential. They might not show it and they might have had a wobbly season but guys like Sam Bradford, Jordan Hicks, Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz and Eric Rowe are all players who can develop into league stars with the right tutoring.

That was never going to happen under Kelly. Under any other Coach, the players will be allowed to go out and be stars..not just on the field but off of it as well. In practice, in routines, in their daily lives..they can live the lifestyle they worked so hard to achieve and play in a way that rewards both them and the team as opposed to the Coach. The glow began to burn out on many of the teams stars this season, but the sparks kept it’s up to the new coach to re-ignite a dying flame and turn this team of potential stars into a team of stars.

1) Learn and move on
Lurie has already made it clear that he’s essentially looking for the direct opposite of Chip Kelly in his next coach. When asked about what he’s seeking, he responded by saying

“You’ve got to open your heart to players and everyone if you want to achieve peak performance. You have to (get along) with everyone you work with and come in contact with.”

So basically, everything that Chip Kelly wasn’t. Lurie has obviously learned from his mistakes and recognised the style of coaching that this team clearly needs. Perhaps that wasn’t clear with Chip. Maybe Lurie wanted to make a bold statement for a bold city…but now he realises that he needs a passionate coach for a passionate city and that’s potentially the greatest realisation he could have possibly made.