A ghost of Eagles past, present and future: Things Eagles fans should be excited about


It’s almost Christmas and for Eagles fans it’s a time of mixed emotion. Whilst we can’t wait to spend time with our families, tuck into a ravishing meal and see if we have made Santa’s good list, we also have our minds slightly distracted by Sunday..a must win for the Eagles. So, we’re here to give three things all Eagles fans should be thankful for about this season. From games gone, to games happening and the prospect of next season. For this article and this article only, we’re the Philly Scrooge Network.

A ghost of Eagles past:
When Kiko Alonso went down with injury early in the season, many fans feared the worst..but out of the ashes rose a 23 year old who nobody would have predicted to have a big season..(unless you’re us). Jordan Hicks exploded on to the scene for the Eagles having two ten tackle games, two interceptions and a combined record of 50 tackles. Dominant, fast and physical, Hicks was set to be a contender for DROY until he fell injured. The injury hurt the Eagles Defense and Alonso hasn’t been the same since his injury..but looking to the future, we have a potential Pro-Bowler on our hands.

A ghost of Eagles present:
In the early weeks of the season, Sam Bradford was slated by analysts and fans alike. “A deer in headlights”, “not a leader” and “trash” were all words used to describe the former number one overall pick. But he walks into Sunday with a 6-3 record in his last nine starts, a passer rating of 99+ in four of his last five and other than a wobble against the Cardinals has been playing some damn good football recently..especially in comparison to Sanchez.

It remains to be seen if Bradford IS the long term answer for the Eagles, frankly nobody knows. Some fans are adamant we need a mobile Quarterback whilst others are naming their pet GOATS Sam. Regardless of his long term future, Bradford faces Washington as a completely different Quarterback compared to when he faced them in that embarrassing week 4 loss..and that’s something to be happy about.

A ghost of Eagles Future:
I don’t really want to imagine a ghostly Chip Kelly floating around the room but you have to feel that regardless of if he stays or goes, the future looks brighter. Why? Because he will (hopefully) learn from his errors this season and realise that Chip the Coach is where his focus should stay. There is likely going to be a lot of movement this Off-season and with Chips plan probably 80% complete, it’s exciting to think about the prospect of where this team will be at the start of next season..will we see another deep house clean or perhaps some personnel changes? Will Sam Bradford still be here, will DeMarco Murray still be here? There are a lot of exciting potential stories heading into this off-season, all of which will test Chip Kelly to his core to make the right decision for the team..but for better or worse, it’s going to be another exciting off-season.