Three bold predictions for Cardinals vs Eagles


After 13 weeks of Football, our bold prediction record is now 10-3..which means in 10 weeks out of the last 13, we’ve gone out made predictions that no other website has the courage to make..and been correct. As the weeks go by, the amount of people tweeting us and interacting with our posts as the events unfold continue to sky rocket…it’s time to break the internet for the 11th time this season in THE most accurate and THE most credible Philly prediction series in the world.

3. Heat it up
For the majority of this season, the Eagles have been slow starters’s something that’s arguably cost them games and almost instantly sets the team back as they struggle to get the ball into the end-zone. But recently, things have been improving. Against the Bills, Sam Bradford led the Eagles down the field on a 61 yard drive to establish early momentum. The aggressive first throw to Cooper set the tone as the birds marched up the Linc with the Bills struggling to keep up. We analysed earlier this week just how the Eagles are currently sustaining drives so well and the secret to the recent improvement..but against the Cards, a Defense that allows the fourth lowest amount of points per game in the league..things are going to be tougher..much tougher.

The Eagles came out swinging against the Bills and it worked perfectly. Our first bold prediction is that Bradford will unleash that same aggression against the Cardinals..and whilst the secondary has 19 turnovers and have only allowed just four 300+ yard games all season, the new found confusion of the swing-pass (as alluded to in our article earlier this week) and Bradfords’ pinpoint accuracy could well spur an early explosion from the Eagles who are gunning for the playoffs..and it’s one that will be needed if they are to maintain momentum.

Our first bold prediction is that the Eagles score on all three of their opening punts, no turnovers..three scoring drives.

2. Break the walls down
The Cardinals have arguably the best passing Offense in the NFL ranking 1st in overall yards, 2nd in points per game and averaging 3.3 touchdowns per game..the most in the teams history since before 1990. Whilst a lot of that credit go to to the exceptional receiving core and a 35 year old Quarterback in the prime of his should really go to the guys up front who make it all happen.

The Cardinals rank 1st in the NFL when protecting their Quarterback after making their Offensive Line a priority in the Off-Season. The Cardinals have given up just 21 sacks this season and give Palmer plenty of time to throw those gorgeous dimes down the field.

But now they come up against Fletcher Cox..a man who’s already at a career high 6.5 sacks this season. Not to mention the rest of the Eagles pass rush who have enjoyed a recent emergence. They may have only got to the mobile Tyrod Taylor once for a sack, but four QB hits for someone so elusive is definitely impressive.

Our second bold prediction is that the Eagles break down the walls of Arizona and sack Carson Palmer three times…there’s a storm coming.

1.  The race is on
The Eagles running backs have struggled this season..the Cardinals have held teams to an average of under 90 rushing yards per game..surely this can only end badly? No.

With the Eagles running backs becoming more and more versatile and opening up plays down the field by distracting opposing defenders one minute before storming through the trenches the next..the backfield could be in the best form it has been all season.

With Ryan Mathews back to being 100% and Chip FINALLY giving him more reps than DeMarco Murray, the combination hit of Mathews and Sproles has the potential to ruin any Defenses brighrst hour..and that’s exactly what we think it will do.

The Offense may have struggled this year but you cannot ignore the fact it has evolved tremendously. From the week one loss to the huge win over the Pats, the Eagles have come on leaps and bounds and are finally beginning to outwit teams once again.

Our final bold prediction is that the Eagles backfield has a combined total of over 200 Offensive yards (receiving and rushing) as well as two touchdowns between them.

Be sure to keep checking back on this article…we’re rapidly becoming the fastest growing Philadelphia sports site on the planet..and the more we break the internet, the more our run for the throne becomes within reach. Stop sleeping.