Eagles set to work out elite CFL Defensive Lineman


Just a day after news surfaced of the Philadelphia Eagles working out a CFL WR standout, the team have turned their attention to Freddie Bishop.

A similar build to Eric Rogers who the team worked out yesterday at 6″4 and 265 pounds, Bishop has also been generating a lot of interest recently..also working out with the Titans.

Whilst both play for the same team which makes sense from a scouting standpoint, Bishop has already had a brief taste of the NFL. An undrafted rookie from 2013, the now 25 year old signed with the Lions before being released and heading to the Stampeders.With Vinny Curry’s contract coming to an end and his recent form likely hinting at some big numbers to keep him, the Eagles could well be weighing their options.

He also appears to be a good fit for the Eagles, Chip is someone who looks for versatility and according to a report on the Calgary Sun, that’s exactly where he excels.

“He’s an athletic, strong defensive end and he made some plays out there,” Stamps GM/head coach John Hufnagel said. “He prepared himself better to play that position. Last year, we had him both inside and outside, and he can still be an inside player but he conditioned himself to compete at that end position.”

He ended 2015 with 11 sacks and 45 tackles after a successful 2014 campaign saw him amass 16 tackles and 3 sacks.

There is definitely a defensive focus going forward. Steven Means was added to the teams 10-man practice squad last week and the Eagles also worked out two cornerbacks this week..signing one who then later failed his physical.