Ranking the Eagles top 3 first half performances

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The Eagles head into halftime with a seven point lead over Buffalo in what’s been an entertaining game so far. But who are the three players that stood out during the Eagles 17 point half? We rank them here!

3. Nelson Agholor
A first career touchdown followed by a passionate end-zone celebration was exactly what the rookie needed after a troubled season so far. Agholor has 3 catches for 62 yards so far, tied with Cooper for the most receptions..it’s great to see him being targeted more and the confidence is really starting to flow. A great first half from a player who we have seen very little of this season.

2. Sam Bradford
We predicted Sammy B would come out swinging and throw for 200 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s..well at halftime he’s over half way. 139 yards, a touchdown to Agholor and 16/22..that record would be even more impressive if it wasn’t for a selection of drops. Bradford came into the game with a shock throw downfield to Cooper that was called back but went on to lead the team to the one yard line. He has favored the deep ball much more this game..it just seems the more we see of him, the more he proves people wrong…a great half indeed.

1. Fletcher Cox
A sack early on and four tackles have seen Cox soar to the top of our list. LeSean McCoy has only been able to break free a couple of times and a large part of why that is is because of how dominant Cox has been. A huge first half has forced Taylor into some uncomfortable throws down the field that almost resulted in interceptions or just vastly overthrown..for a Quarterback who has only thrown 4 picks all year, Cox is doing a great job in making him look out of his comfort zone.

Who would your top 3 players be? Let us know in the comments!