Three bold predictions for Eagles vs Patriots


Last week, our prediction record fell to 8-3 after two consecutive losses where the team conceded 45 points stunned both analysts and fans alike. However, with the Eagles now being regarded as huge underdogs it’s time to reclaim our spot on the throne and re-ignite our streak of correct bold predictions. We are still THE MOST ACCURATE site for Philadelphia Eagles predictions..and we have every intention of maintaining that reputation.

Long sleeves, long drives:
Last week the Eagles struggled to establish any kind of fact they had just 16 minutes of possession prior to their final touchdown. With numerous drives lasting less than 60 seconds, the Eagles had no spark Offensively..the good news is that Sam Bradford will return to face the Pats on Sunday.

Prior to his injury, Bradford’s ball security was improving as was his confidence and leadership. The accuracy went hand in hand with this and it meant that the Eagles were starting to roll Offensively in the weeks prior to that shocking defeat against Miami.

With the receivers now dropping less passes and an actual leader (or at least a QB with better leadership qualities than Sanchez) at the helm that the Offense should be able to move down the field much more efficiently, even without Mathews. Bradford reads the game far better than Sanchez and it’s those rapid reaction reads under pressure  that Sanchez was missing so crucially last week that cost the Eagles any hope of getting back into the game.

Our first bold prediction is that Bradford will lead the Eagles to two passing touchdowns, over 200 yards and the shortest drive being no less than 2:00..

Snapping the elastic band:
There’s surely only so much the Eagles Defense can take. It’s gone from being one of the best in the league to being humiliated three weeks running. With no apparent cure coming from the coaching side of things, the only way this unit is going to improve is if it plays for each other and leaves all personal grudges/gripes/ issues with the system or situation off the field.

This is a tough group of players and our second prediction this week is that enough will be enough. This will be the week that they snap, the frustration takes over and the ruthlessness that once made this Defense notorious will make a return.

We’re predicting the Defense to pick up one interception, two sacks and allow less than 400 total yards…not the most dominant stats in the world but for a team standing on the edge of a knife coming up against the Patriots…those numbers would suggest a good, consistent game which is what the Eagles so desperately need.


DeMarco Murray has been less than impressive this season. Not only has he fallen far short of expectation, but he’s now began to fall short of a first down by sliding..(shots fired). However, expect Murray to receive more touches this weekend.

Why? If Bradford still isn’t 100%, then they’re going to want to ease him in slowly…if he is 100%, he hasn’t played a game in 3 weeks and will naturally need to shake off some rust early on.

Because of the situation and the absence of Ryan Mathews, Murray is surely going to see an increase in snaps. The Eagles desperate need for a running game to balance their Up-Tempo Offense is almost bound to show so we’re predicting that DeMarco Murray will have 23 or more rushing attempts..the most he would have had in a single game this season and in turn rush for 90 yards and a touchdown.