The Eagles may be the underdog but could have a huge advantage over the Patriots.

It’s been speculated all week that record setting Tight-End Rob Gronkowski would miss this weekends game against the Eagles, but after being seen getting on the team bus the hearts of Eagles fans sank. But there’s a twist of fate before the Eagles fly into Boston.
It was confirmed moments ago that Rob Gronkowski will indeed miss the game against the Eagles with a knee injury, giving the birds just a glimmer of hope.
Not only that but Danny Amendola could also be out with a knee injury. Whilst expected to suit up, Amendola could well be limited. Meaning that Brady could possibly be without Edelman, Gronk and MAYBE Amendola. The Eagles Defense could surely contain Lafell and Scott Chandler….right?
With two kingpins on the Defensive side also listed as questionable, the Pats are a few cards short of the hand they would like to deal. Their attention would surely turn to Blount due to a lack of targets but  he had a poor display against the Broncos because of their stout Run Defense.
But the Eagles had a run Defense ranked three in the league earlier this year? Are signs pointing towards a potential upset? Only time will tell..but Tom Brady is going to be without some big name players as he aims to stop  the flock.

If there is ever a game for the Eagles Defense to rediscover its stride…it’s this one. If there’s ever a game where the Eagles need all the help they can get…it’s this one. So far, the help is on their side.