Eagles vs Patriots could be biggest game of Sam Bradford’s career and here’s why

Injured Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, in street clothes, at Lincoln Financial Field late in the game against Tampa Bay November 22, 2015. The Eagles had a very frustrating game losing 45-17. ( CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer )

It’s a tough time to be an Eagles fan and it could get even tougher this Sunday when the birds meet the Patriots. But there’s one man who if healthy, will be out to prove a point..that man is Sam Bradford.

It was with the deepest sense of irony that just as Sammy B was finding his stride in midnight green he would pick up an injury that would keep him sidelined for a minimum of two games. It’s still unclear whether or not he will start on Sunday but Chip has already confirmed if he’s healthy..he’s playing.

In the strangest of ways, this is the perfect scenario for Sam Bradford, a man who’s first season in Philly could well be his last if it ends as it’s started. Think about it. One of the main issues both fans and analysts have had with him all season is his lack of confidence and leadership..if he can come back into the lineup and lead the worst Offense in the league over the past 2 weeks to a team who were perfect until just a day ago….what does that say about his character and progression as a Quarterback?

This team is in a state as of right now and I think it’s safe to say Bradford can’t single handedly save this team..but he can do what Kelly appears inept to do in leading this team and inspiring some confidence.

In the early stages of the season, Bradford was slated by the press for looking “like a deer in head lights” and showing no signs of command in the pocket. Fast forward to today and we have seen everything from  Bradford inspiring his Offense with a passionate team talk in the showers before a game to telling Jordan Matthews to “win the game” moments before connecting with him for the stunning game winning touchdown against Dallas.

It seemed as though once Bradford picked up the injury, the Offense lost all direction. A lot of this could be down to coaching but you have to feel that the loss of Bradford has had a huge impact..but it’s not just the Offense that needs this game.

Bradford is on a one year deal and as things stand, it’s still kind of hard to make a judgement. It’s very much been a tale of two halves. The first being wildly inconsistent with flurries of promise and the second half showcasing just how much potential the former number one pick truly has. His numbers are average at best and its’ fair to say there has been no clear winner in the Foles and Bradford trade. His future in Philadelphia is almost as uncertain as Chip Kelly’s but a good performance against the Pats could change that.

The Eagles are coming up against one of the toughest teams in the league and despite being without Gronk are still almost indefinitely going to exploit every single Eagles weakness and punish every wrong move like no team has this season. But if Sam Bradford can come out swinging, fire up his Offense and get them firing on all cylinders as he did in the weeks before the injury then not only are the birds going to put up one hell of a fight Offensively, not only will it inspire the Defense..but it could prove to Chip, analysts, fans and other coaches that Sam Bradford can compete among the very best.

There’s no guarantee that if Bradford doesn’t sign an extension that another team will pick him up..with a flurry of young Quarterbacks making their way into the NFL, why would teams look at a should’ve been QB who never was and never will be? They might however choose to sign a Quarterback who can enter one of the messiest scenarios in Professional Football and single handedly turn the tables. Bradford needs this game. He needs go out there and make a statement. For his career, for his team and for his future.