Three things Chip Kelly could change to fix the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly addresses the media after an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions, Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, in Detroit. The Lions defeated the Eagles 45-14. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya) ORG XMIT: otkco209

If you have a computer..or a pair of eyes, it’s become almost impossible to stay away from the reports surrounding the future of Chip Kelly. Regardless of what happens next season, for now..Chip’s still our coach and he has a very tough challenge ahead..fixing this team. Luckily as we all know, Chip Kelly is our biggest fan and definitely reads every article we ever write so if he takes our advice, we should be just fine. Here are the top 3 ways Chip could improve the situation in Philadelphia.

Boost morale:
We’ve learned more about Chip Kelly in three weeks than we have in two years. We know now that there is a dark cloud looming over the locker room and that he doesn’t believe in “yelling” at players and insists that the team know that they’ve messed up after a loss and know what to do to improve.

Last time I checked however, it was the coach who COACHED the team and gave the players the right mindset/surroundings to work on where they’re going wrong. If I fail an exam and just receive a list of “Xs” it doesn’t help me..I want to know where I can get better and it appears to be the same issue in the Eagles locker room.

Morale is at an all time low. On the one hand you have Jason Kelce saying he’s going to find out who the cowards are (thus confirming there are those giving less than 100%) and others calling out players anonymously. Why? Because there’s a severe lack of leadership. You can have all the LEGO bricks in a box but if you can’t build them that’s all you will ever have. Chip is refusing to talk to the players on a personal level because he believes in treating them like adults..well maybe dish out the grilling they deserve so they get some fire and actually want to go out there and perform.

Whether it’s a roasting, some personal conversations or a group huddle..this is a group of guys who are losing confidence in this team and themselves. Regardless of what Chip’s mentality is, he has to adapt and deal with this situation by lifting the confidence of his players and restoring the faith in this system. Address the media speculation, confirm you’re going nowhere and give these players a reason to get back up off the ground. Give them a reason to want to come in to the Novacare earlier than anyone else  because without leadership we’re going to be in for a very tough few weeks.

Extend the playbook:
We have had a season of screen passes, swing passes, slants and a failed running game. The fans are almost as tired of the playbook as the players, not because it’s boring..but because it isn’t working. It appears so minimal that opposing teams are actually almost gambling on Defensive plays. They can throw a safety on a blitz in the very first play of the game because they know it’s going to be a swing pass..that has to change.

The Offense has the ability to be one of the best in the NFL but you can’t drive a broken car…SO FIX IT. Fit new parts. Add new plays, change things up, catch Defenses off-guard, give the team some energy  and make Defenses pay for being naive and predicting this “elite” fast-paced system. A failure to bring something new against the Patriots is just going to result in complete domination…and it won’t be from the Eagles.

Every position. Just do it. Rotate. Get Kiko Alonso out of the Defense when he’s struggling. Swap out Rowe for Biggers. Give Darren Sproles more snaps. Spread the ball around the wide-receivers. This team is running stale on just about every front and without signing free agents it’s going to be hard to change that.

Some minor rotations during the game or as some would call it “not being an incoherent and bigoted head coach” could easily solve a lot of the problems this team are facing. The fans are calling for it, the players are calling for it, the NFL knows we should be doing it..but we’re not. Why?

If Chip wants to salvage anything out of this season he has to address every position as its own problem and begin to essentially add a competitive element to each spot. Giving players lower down the depth chart more snaps (COUGH BRAMAN COUGH) in an attempt to not only fire up the starters but draw something special and unexpected out of the box.