Eagles sign Offensive Lineman and Cornerback in latest set of roster moves


There never seems to be a dull moment when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles this season..or in the case of Julian Vandervelde..a reassuring one. For the 813th time (at a guess) the Eagles released Vandervelde to make way for Barrett Jones, an Offensive Lineman who was previously a fourth round pick in the 2013 draft. After being released by the Rams this season, he was signed to the Bears practice squad before the Eagles swooped in.

With both Peters and Kelce appearing to have minor injury troubles, it’s probably a smart move to bring in some much needed reinforcements..even if both players are perfectly healthy.

Jones excelled in Alabama, rapidly becoming one of the best in his position throughout the division. He also played alongside Sam Bradford and under Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland…not a bad way to build some much needed chemistry right?

The birds made two other signings to their practice squad today, signing inside Linebacker Brandon Hepburn and new addition Mike Lee. Hepburn’s name will be familiar to a few as he appeared on the practice squad last season whilst Lee continues the trend of rookie undrafted free agents that the team have signed.

Here’s an interesting statistic..

At least he’s taking it well…you go Julian! <3