The good, the bad, the ugly from Eagles loss to Bucs

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Humiliating doesn’t even begin to describe what we saw just moments ago as the Eagles fell to an embarrassing 45-17 which marks the worst loss since Chip Kelly arrived. We’re here to break down the good, the bad and the ugly.


Caleb didn’t do the thing..
You know it’s a bad game when the only real positive is that your kicker didn’t miss anything but hey, here we are. Sturgis fired every kick through the posts tonight..for what it’s worth.

Hey Brent’s back! Celek was targeted 10 times of which he caught 7 en route to a 79 yard game. It could have and should have been more and perhaps would have been if he had some help from Zach Ertz, but Celek for the second game running became the most dangerous player on the Eagles Offense.


The reason this isn’t under ugly is because it wasn’t TERRIBLE. A lot of it was down to dodgy play-calls and a failure to take Biggers out of the game when he was struggling. Carroll showed some real hustle early on and Jenkins almost grabbed himself a pick. Containing someone as dominant as Mike Evans was always going to be hard and they really shouldn’t need to be bringing down a running back every other play..don’t pin the loss entirely on them.

Running away:
The Eagles running backs were simply average tonight. Murray did what he has been all season and to be fair did get some nice yardage. Barner was a no show and Darren Sproles should have been utilised much more. Instead, the Eagles focused on short dump passes and screen plays. Not good, but we’ve seen worse.

Offensive line:
This hurt the Eagles massively. Sanchez needed support tonight and constant penalties and being hit three times really didn’t help. With Peters back the line did seem better, but it was nowhere the standard it needs to be.

Drops, stops and Tight End flip flops, the Eagles receivers started out strong but ended up unable to establish a real dominance against an evolving Bucs secondary. Overthrows didn’t help at all but


Mark Sanchez:
Well, those who were begging weeks for it had their wishes granted. Mark Sanchez came in and well, did a Sanchez. He started 3-for-3 and 67 yards before ending the first half with an interception and crumbling in the second half to end with 3 interceptions and completing 26/41…yeah, because Bradford is SO much worse at running this Offense.

From blaming Sproles for an interception to making some of the worst decisions I have EVER seen (We will rip into these in a separate article, stay locked in) Sanchez was poor tonight and it cost the team massively.

What pass rush?
Where to begin? How Kiko Alonso was getting more snaps than Kendricks when he evidently wasn’t fully fit is beyond me, Barwin made two good plays that should have been great and the team ended up relying on Kendricks to do the dirty work. Cox can’t do it all and it was almost as if the linebacker core (with an exempt few) simply didn’t play with heart tonight..they were frustrated early on by Doug Martin and it knocked them off their perch..a perch they never climbed back onto.

The team.
Hear us out. We’re calling out the entire organization. From the coaching to the players, the eerily quiet stadium, the playmakers, everything. This did not feel like an Eagles felt like a team divided.