Sixers owner to invest in Premier League club

during the Barclays Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Manchester City at Selhurst Park on April 6, 2015 in London, England.

Sixers co-owner Joshua Harris is at it again, but this time with a much more farfetched plan in mind. According to ESPN, Harris is aiming to buy 18% of English Football (Soccer) team Crystal Palace with fellow Sixers owner David Blitzer.

The team are like the Sixers in a lot of ways, rebuilding their team after eight years away from the top division and after waiting for some major talent to come through the youth ranks, find themselves challenging among the top 8 teams for a spot in European competition.

It’s easy to get lost by this point but the South East London Side are basically the Sixers in a years time. On the fringe of being a scarily good team but still needing some more pieces.

Palace are looking to rebuild Selhurst Park (their stadium) and need some investors to be able to do that. It’s thought that two current owners will have their percentage of ownership cut from 25% down to 18%.

Fun fact: Crystal Palace are also known as “the Eagles”..coincidence?

Palace are a very likeable team if it’s any conciliation. For those who follow Soccer and the Premier League, they’re a mid-table team with some exciting young homegrown players and for those outside questions like “does Messi play for them?” may seem acceptable. The point is that this could actually be a wise investment if Palace’s incline in form continues. Football is one of the highest grossing sports in the world and if your team plays in European competition well, he should regain his investment very quickly!