Jahlil Okafor shatters records in Sixers debut

Tonight was the start of a new era for third overall pick Jahlil Okafor as he took to the court with the Sixers to play the Celtics at TD Garden..what lay ahead was arguably the most promising first game performance from any rookie in years.

Not only did Okafor become  leader in points recorded in a debut game for NBA Center’s in the last 13 years beating David Robinson’s record of 23, but he became the third most successful debut points scorer in Sixers history, falling short of only Iverson and Stackhouse. If that wasn’t enough, he is now the first player in 13 years to score 26 points in his debut game and is second in all time Center debut scoring falling only to KAJ and 11th in NBA history….not a bad way to make an entrance right?

Jahlil ended with 26 points against Boston and started the night going 5-5 in what was frankly an unbelievable game. The Celtics eventually learned how to keep a lid on things by forcing feeds outside of his comfort zone which resulted in eight turnovers but nobody is expecting perfection, he has already surpassed everyone’s expectations.

A monster in the making at the rim with 7 rebounds, Okafor enjoyed a record setting night in Philadelphia as his shorthanded team fell shy of a victory. But for the Sixers die hards, they will be far more excited about their star in the making, Jahlil Okafor.


photo credit: Philadelphia 76ers