Steve Mason returns to practice, debate over Tuesday return

After missing the last two games to deal with some personal and family issues, Flyers goalie Steve Mason took to the ice for this first full practice since Sunday and is expected to return on Tuesday night.

Teammates were quick to take to the media to show their full support

But whilst Mason is expected to play on Tuesday night, we may see Neuvirth play against Dallas purely because there’s no real pressure on Mason as of right now. It’s not as if the Flyers have been conceding wildly and in desperate need of a Mase return. Neuvirth has had two shutouts in his first two games and whilst he has the hot hand, it makes sense to maybe slowly ease Mason back into the lineup so that he can fully deal with what appears to be a very serious issue and return to the ice when his focus can be 100% on hockey.

The goaltender is a very mentally demanding position and Mason alluded to the fact that his mind was on a personal problem during the first game against the Panthers. It makes sense to give Mase all the time he needs so he can come back at his best.