Shutting down the Chip Kelly to USC rumours

So until now, we have refused to report on the “Chip Kelly to college” rumours for one simple reason.

But after NFL Insider Adam Schefter tweeted this earlier, we decided to address them head on and explain why Chip Kelly would have no intention of leaving the Philadelphia Eagles..because the rumours at this stage are quite frankly laughable.

So why are we so quick to dispel a quote from two very reputable sources? It’s just hearsay. It’s not as if Schefter has spoken to coaching staff or has solid evidence. In fact, NO report has solid quotes or evidence of Chip’s interest from anyone in either team. It’s just rumours..rumours of a coach who succeeded at college and hit a blip in his successful NFL career returning to the College level. Why?

It makes good press. All of this.. the “Kelly is a misfit at the Eagles but fits at USC” quotes to the articles stating he’s the leading candidate..until there is sufficient evidence is all just nothing but speculation. Nothing but the equivalent of some kid at school who you have never met coming up and telling you that your girlfriend cheated on you.

Chip Kelly may well be a target for USC and it’s been known that Kelly wanted the USC job a few years ago..but the difference is between then and now is that circumstances change. Chip Kelly has began to build an empire in Philadelphia, whether fans like it or not. He is in his first year of having full control over front office operations and is now pressing all the buttons. It’s rare to find a Head Coach with this much control and for someone who has managed in three seasons to establish such a power threshold is very unlikely to let it go for a job at a level he has already had success. He’s shaped this team to work in his system and it’s hard to find any reason why he would want to leave.

Kelly has won 22 out of his opening 37 NFL games and despite a 2-3 record is still gunning for his second NFC East title in his three year reign. Things haven’t gone swimmingly this season, but there’ a difference in an appealing job offer and wanting to take that job offer.

Chip Kelly also has no previous ties to USC. To win in College without the backing of your alumni is a very hard thing to do which is why when Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh, the football world went crazy. Other than a few draft picks (Agholor and Barkley being the standouts) Chip has no affiliation with the College..which makes a move seem even less likely.

If Kelly even so much as fluttered an eyelid at this job, imagine what it would do to the team. NO Coach would come out in the press and say they are interested in another job because of the negative impact it would have on his players.

If Kelly were to go back to College after two losses that came down to field goal kicks and a 2-3 record where he can still easily make the playoffs, then it would ruin any credibility he has. Not only that, but it hardly suits his personality. In the most inoffensive way possible, Chip Kelly has an ego. It would not be in his mindset to leave his team for one at a lesser level where he has already proven himself. Why go back when things aren’t going your way? That’s not coaching material..and it’s certainly not sharing the persona of Chip Kelly.

Kelly may one day venture back into College coaching..but it won’t be today…or for a while. Chip has started something in Philadelphia, he intends to finish it. Yes, he may be a good fit for the College but USC would have to drop their traditional alumini standards and become a college based on a system rather than talent. The argument that Chip Kelly is a misfit in Philadelphia is completely irrelevant. How can someone be a misfit when the entire team is built into a system..the same system that would be implemented into USC? What the quote should read is “The current players in Philadelphia do not fit into Chip Kelly’s system and nobody knows if the USC ones will but hey, it makes good copy” and EVEN that is a complete lie. The team have proven time and time again that this system works and in week five we finally saw the Eagles firing on all cylinders. How can one sit there and say the players don’t fit the system when the Offense puts up 39 points despite two interceptions and the Defense holds an NFL elite to minimal yards?

We’re not saying that he won’t take the job because obviously nobody knows what the future holds or what discussions are happening. But until sufficient evidence comes out like a quote, a leak or a twist with evidence..then we urge you to not listen to these absurd rumours. Because they are just that, rumours. No evidence to support them, no quotes to give them credibility…just a radio host and an NFL insider giving their opinion.