Has Chip Kelly’s quest for power overcome his quest for success?

When Chip Kelly exclaimed “We’re from Philadelphia, we fight.”  We fell in love, it represented what Philadelphia is all about and it came from our leader of men on the football field who lead our favorite professional team. Now, two seasons later we’re wondering what is going on?

We went from being the class of the NFC East in the first season with a 10-6 finish, to missing the playoffs after a terrible finish to the season but still a promising 10-6 finish. From that to where we sit today,  at 1-3 with an Offense that cannot seem to get started in the first half at all outside of the Jets game.

The man who has all the power now needs to assume a majority of the blame.  Chip wanted to have full control of the team and once granted control, he completely gutted the roster. Kelly started in March 2014 with the release of Desean Jackson, a jaw dropping move that Eagles fans couldn’t believe.  Desean was coming off a career year in which he made the pro bowl, yet the Eagles got no compensation in return for him. This move was probably easier to convince Howie Roseman and company at the time because of the attitude you get with Desean Jackson. It can sometimes shed some negative light on the media and could arguably used as a smoke screen to get rid of a player you didn’t get on with…either way, this started the domino effect of the roster cuts and Chips stamp towards the decisions being made.

After another successful  10-6 season, everything was positive and the Eagles were moving in the right direction on all fronts even without Desean. A returning Jeremy Maclin stepped in and produced the same numbers Desean put up, leaving Eagles fans trusting in their new visionary once again. After the season ended however, that’s when the power struggle started with Howie Roseman. Roseman and Kelly were bumping heads on a consistent basis with Chip trying to get more control of the roster and have more personnel decisions going through him. Roseman responded after the season by firing Player Personal Director Tom Gamble, one of Chips appointed hires and closest assists to the personnel department.  At this point Chip was ready to leave his position and look into other opportunities. After a meeting with Lurie and some reconfiguring of the front office, Chip now had full control of the roster while Roseman got a new title and in charge of “Other” football operations within the front office.

Immediately Chip made it known he was in charge and he was making significant changes. Chip traded Lesean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for LB, Kiko Alonso and Jeremy Maclin signed in Kansas City with Andy Reid. He then cut veterans Trent Cole, Todd Herremans, Cary Williams, and eventually Evan Mathis over a contract dispute.  He also traded incumbent starter Nick Foles for the oft injured Sam Bradford raising more eyebrows and putting the Philly faithful’s to be in disarray.

The problem with a lot of these moves is that he didn’t properly replace the guy he let go..especially along the offensive line.  Backups were filling in for starters and now aren’t getting the job done.  Bradford, his prized piece to lead the roster gets no time to properly execute the Offense.  The play is sloppy and the attention to detail is gone for this undisciplined team.  Jason Kelce even came out and called the line a disgrace after another dismal performance against the lowly Washington Redskins.

The good thing is the division is completely down across the board and there is time to get things back together.  As Eagles fans were all upset after the offseason we experienced. But even if we didn’t agree with the decisions that were made we need to back OUR team, OUR players and OUR coach till the end of the season when we reevaluate. We need to continue to fight like our city is known for.