Chip Kelly “we’re preparing to play Sunday”

Chip Kelly met the press earlier today and one of the hot topics was evidently Hurricane Joaquin and if it could effect the potential game time or indeed day of the teams week 4 fixture against the Washington Redskins.

The main rumour around the league has been that since both teams share a bye week, that their showdown be moved to week 8 and their bye weeks be moved forward to this weekend in a worse case scenario, but Chip Kelly remains confident that the game will go ahead. “We’re preparing to play on Sunday. But we haven’t been told anything definitive” said the Eagles head coach.

Whilst the game may well go ahead on Sunday, it may actually move to a different location. But all of this remains speculation at this point and Chip Kelly is absolutely right in what he is saying. If a team doesn’t practice as they usually would because of circumstances beyond their control, it gives the advantage to your opponent almost instantly.

Kelly also touched on the trending topic of the Washington “Redskins” Name. With fans protesting for a while and the Eagles not using the team name/ slur in this weeks media guide, it has readdressed the issue and brought it once again to the forefront of media attention. Chip had this to say on the matter.”My belief doesn’t effect what that name is. They can do what they want to do.”

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