Two Eagles players face fines following Packers game

The Terrell Suggs hit on Bradford was deemed legal, yet two Philadelphia Eagles players are now facing fines of $17,000 following their game against Green Bay.

The first of those is Suplex City resident, outside linebacker Bryan Braman. Braman was flagged for roughing the passer after hitting Matt Blanchard.

The second is actually on the Offensive side of the ball. Running back sensation Kenjon Barner was flagged for a Horse Collar tackle on John Kuhn during a kickoff at the end of the second quarter. The Packers declined the penalty but that hasn’t stopped both players being forced to pay extensive fines.

If this was a player who was earning silly money then it wouldn’t be a big deal. Barner is only set to make just over $500,000 this year whilst Braman is set to make just over double. This money is substantial and we can expect both players to appeal the fines.