One last shot: Barkley named as starter against Jets

The Pre-season is often seen as a time for the backups to do everything they can to earn their spot on the first team and this year has been no exception. The biggest backup battle going in Philly is arguably the role for QB3 between Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow. With only one of the two QB’s projected to be kept on the roster, the final game could be do or die..and for Barkley, the stakes have never been higher.

The former USC product has been named as the starter against the Jets in a game which may be his last in midnight green if he’s outperformed or fails to put in some solid numbers. The talks about Barkley leaving Philly have been circulating for months, if not at least a season..and with Tebow breathing down his neck, he simply has to put on a show if he is to keep his job.

Last season, Barkley played three quarters against the Jets before Kinne closed out the game in the fourth. But that battle was nowhere near as close. Whilst different in almost every sense, the two Quarterbacks are incredibly similar in terms of production level..which is worrying. Don’t be surprised to see a quarter and a half each be played by each Quarterback whilst Bradford and Sanchez take half a Quarter each just to get some reps. Like we said before, Bradford needs as much experience as he can now..but if the birds are trying to decide who to cut and we know Sam can go 10/10..he won’t appear that much.

It’s possible that either QB or even both could be seen as potential trade bait, but regardless of their stature in the team..Chip is giving them one last shot to show the head coach what they can do. Barkley has been here since Chip’s arrival and is yet to impress in his role as a backup, one more sub par run could see a new face sitting on the sidelines alongside Mark Sanchez..and that face just happens to be Tim Tebow. Neither man has really made an impact this pre-season, so why not go with the new guy? Tebow will be far more useful when going for two point conversions..and with the new extra point rules, he could prove to be a pivotal point in that’s up to Barkley to show he’s up to the challenge.