Should the Eagles go after Aldon Smith?

The Aldon Smith saga has been one all too familiar for Philadelphia Eagles fans. Coming off of yet another arrest and a total of 3 DUI’s, Smith was released by the 49’ers. It’s obvious that he’s a disruption in the locker room and it would be crazy to try and justify his actions or forget about them. We’re not commending his actions, just recognising what he could bring to a team with the right mentoring. Whilst some are speculating a 12 game suspension and others that he won’t play a game next year, teams will still be interested. Here are four reasons that Smith may find a rebirth with the Philadelphia Eagles.

4. Security and depth

The outside linebacker situation in Philly is going to go one of two ways this season. It’s either going to be one of the most intimidating in the league, or one that gets hit by injury woes. Adding Aldon Smith to the likes of Connor Barwin, DeMeco Ryans and Kiko Alonso would not only create an unstoppable force but add a sense of security should one of the big names fall injured.

3. A dynamic duo

Last year Connor Barwin lead the NFC in sacks with 14.5. Smith has 44 sacks in his 50 game career. Between them, they have accounted for 81.5’s hard to deny that the addition of Smith would give the Eagles a defensive unit to be feared. The additions of Maxwell and Thurmond have been well received, Alonso has started to flourish in practice (until the concussion) and Eric Rowe has been solid. The future is bright and Smith would amplify that by ten times at least. Take away his off-field troubles and you have arguably the most effective linebacker pairing in the league.

2. If anyone can, Chip can

If there’s one thing us Eagles fans have learned over the past few years, it’s that Chip Kelly is one of the most interesting coaches in the league. From his assertiveness getting rid of some of the franchises most decorated stars in the last 10 years to making long term investment. People often say he brings in players almost as projects. Murray and Alonso who both have injury concerns are expected to have those woes removed due to Dr Chip’s sports science techniques. The Eagles have one of the highest work rates in the league, if anyone can change Aldon’s ways and force him into a system that drives the better out of a man, it’s Chip.


The Eagles have helped save several players career, the most notable of course being Michael Vick. After serving a jail sentence and being disgraced in the media, nobody wanted to take a chance on the former Falcon who was once heralded as a hero..but the Eagles did and in return created some of the most special memories such as the Miracle in the Meadowlands. But it’s not just Vick, VICE recently published a short documentary on the life of special teams star Bryan Braman. The linebacker has had a troubled life off the field and yet The Eagles have helped him save his career and turn him into one of the most dangerous pieces on special teams you could imagine. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, but it’s a tough love. If Smith is going to turn his life around, this may be the city to help him find salvation and success.