Aaron Nola set for Phillies debut on Tuesday

Help us Aaron Nola, you’re our only hope…or something like that. A dismal break has left Phillies fans desperately searching for a source of hope. Aaron Nola may well provide that as he makes his debut on July 21st at home against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Nola was the 7th first round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, and will set a record upon his debut. The right hander will be the first Phillies player to make his debut the season after being drafted since Pat Combs back in 1989.

7-3 and a 1.88 ERA were his impressive numbers at Reading. His success was noted and he was quickly moved to Triple-A affiliates Lehigh Valley, where his record exceeded expectations yet again with 3-1.

Nola was even named the National Pitcher of the Year for LSU last year amongst other awards.