Michael Del Zotto signs two year deal worth $7.75m

Flyers defenceman Michael Del Zotto has been sat on the fence recently as nobody really know what Hexy would do regarding his future. Flyers Fans got their answer today as Del Zotto was signed to a two year deal worth a total of $7.75m. $3.5m in the first year and $4m in the second. Leaving the Flyers $235k under the salary cap.

Del Zotto joins Nick Schulz and Streit in the Hexy revolution, becoming the third player to have exactly two more years with the Flyers organisation. It’s difficult for the Flyers to build for the future whilst being so close to the salary cap, but cutting back considerably and retaining young talent is definitely a promising sign.

Last season he recorded 32 points and only 34 penalty minutes in the 64 games he played. His ten goals and points total left him ranked second overall in the teams defence.