The dark horse for a QB spot in 53 man roster

The Quarterback situation in Philadelphia is perhaps the most interesting in the league. With Bradford leading the race for to become the number one Quarterback this season, there’s a somewhat free for all raging between Sanchez, Tebow and Barkley for the remaining two positions…but is there a dark horse we are over looking?

Through all the hype and speculation, we appear to have lost focus on yet another Quarterback currently on the Eagles roster. He may have been practicing as a receiver this off-season, but he may well shock a few people come training camp..the man we’re talking of? G.J Kinne.

The thing is that Kinne has always been widely overlooked. He is very dynamic and has been regarded by Geoff Mosher as a more athletic version of Tim Tebow. The thing is, Kinne has proven just as much if not more than both Barkley and Tebow. Kinne is faster than the other two contenders and on his good day has arm strength to arguably out perform both. Neither Barkley or Tebow can say that they have played at the range of positions that GJ has either.

When we learned of his adventures into training as a Wide Receiver. Many assumed it was a show of desperation to keep his spot in the roster and avoid a fiery competition at Quarterback. Beneath the surface however, he has given himself a huge advantage over the remaining QB’s. He’s proven that he is not just a Quarterback but someone who could benefit the Eagles in a lot of ways. For an Offense as dynamic as the Chip Kelly unit, that kind of quality could be so important come game day.

Whilst the arguments can be made that Tebow and Barkley both have much more starting experience than Kinne, it really doesn’t matter. They’re fighting over a third spot in the roster..not a starter. No matter who gets it, the responsibility of clutching a game in the 4th Quarter some what fades when you put in a third string guy. There’s no real expectations or pressure as there are two guys ahead of you who will be getting that. So yes Tebow has had some miraculous games whilst Barkley..well, hasn’t..but that doesn’t eliminate Kinne from the race.

Barkley is in a very difficult position and if he doesn’t show us something special in training camp then his time with the Eagles may be up. Kelly doesn’t seem to have too much faith in him, hence why Sanchez was called up as number two last year and not the only QB to be drafted by the former Oregon coach. Tebow on the other hand is a man trying to revive a fallen career. Whilst reports from OTA’s have been mixed to say the least, Tebow is a wildcard, someone who could give you a miracle or a complete flop. Does this bode well for Kinne?

All current attention sits on Sanchez, Tebow and Barkley going into the Summer. That may well be a blessing for Kinne as he can go under the radar and focus on winning the job without the pressure that media will place on him. The question is, can he beat Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley to the roll? Let us know what you think by tweeting us!